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Fantasy about Larenz Taste with Jovonnie and CityBwoy submitted by dkingkong from Philly

DawgPound PornStar Larenz Taste   DawgPound PornStar CityBwoyI like this new upcoming sensation. I would like for him to bottom for Jovonnie and Citiboi double team him.

Fantasy about Nuvo with Ace Rockwood submitted by ALEX from TORONTO


Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Angel from Oregon

DawgPound PornStar NuvoPlease have Nuvo bottom again please thanks dp

Fantasy about Soulja with Nuvo submitted by BoiSOUL from NY

DawgPound PornStar Soulja   DawgPound PornStar soulja can slam nuvo in to da nu year. 2 most popular on dawgpound 4sure

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Karlos from Denver

DawgPound PornStar NuvoI want to see Nuvo spit roasted between two dawgs to crack him into 2012 where us fans get to see more of his cute bubble butt

Fantasy about Cornbread with Jovonnie submitted by Keston from MIAMI

DawgPound PornStar Cornbread   DawgPound PornStar I want to see Cornbread & Jovonnie.... Power Fuck For The New Year. I want them both Flip Flop, If Jovonnie is down with taking dick in his ass, is not like he never did before with citiboi. I Love them Light skin bruthas, n it will be great to start of the new year. Please I'm tellin you Dawgpound as a big Cornbread fan. I want this fantasy to be a reality, make it work. Thank You. Biggest Fan!!!:) Oh & By the way I want the fantasy to on top of a balcony if that's possbile lol.... Tough Love. Deuces.

Fantasy about Larenz Taste with Python

DawgPound PornStar Larenz Taste   DawgPound PornStar Larenz Taste is a trip! I'd love to see him give it up to Python or Venom!

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by B.B. from ATL

DawgPound PornStar NuvoLOVE to see a hot papi pound Nuvo bareback. U gotta go hard cuz porn is getting better & better, y'all need to get kinky & have some nigga cream pie or nutting in the mouth or cum-swappin / spit. That would be tight.

Fantasy about Nuvo with Soulja submitted by Darnell from Detroit

DawgPound PornStar Nuvo   DawgPound PornStar Got2c New year fuckin wid Nuvo...who should we have 2 fuck him...choices choices...my fantasi is 2 c Soulja or Markel fuck him

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by Mack


Fantasy about Bigg Beef with Sarge submitted by john

DawgPound PornStar Bigg Beef   DawgPound PornStar would love to see big beef and sarge fuck. big beef need to open that booty up and make him beg for mercy.

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by Jack

DawgPound PornStar SouljaPlease have Soulja bottom

Fantasy about Brick with Ian Rock submitted by C from Los Angeles

DawgPound PornStar Brick   DawgPound PornStar Brick and Ian Rock are in the MMA octagon, pounding the fuck out each other (knee slammin into chest, punch to the kidney, HARD take-downs against the cage). I don't care who does what to who, I just want them to beat the fuck out of each other. But, somebody's got to win. I need to see Brick choke Ian out. Brick's prize (after some dick choking by both) Brick gets to tap dat azz! Ian's not gonna let Brick think he got anything over on him. That macho muthafucka is gonna take that dick, acting like he's running things. Brick thinks he may be missing out on something. Brick yanks his dick out of Ian, turns him over and sits on Ian's dick. Just like Ian, he ain't gonna show any pain, both of them trying to choke each other as Brick is riding Ian's dick. Ian tries to put Brick on his back. Brick won't go. Ian gets a few pumps with Brick on his side. Brick pulls Ian out, makes his way to Ian's chest and cums all over his chest and face. Ian unloads at the same time. I have never heard about Ian being a bottom. Thats why I wanted Brick to at least top Ian. The MEN in my dreams can handle ANYTHING! My Dream Men can never lose their masculinity, whatever happens to them. Please be one of those men.

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by George from Atlanta

DawgPound PornStar SouljaI want to see Soulja bottom to start of 2012 with a bang.

Fantasy about Nuvo with Soulja submitted by brian from detroit

DawgPound PornStar Nuvo   DawgPound PornStar larenz workin his thang in the new movie with soulja butt nuvo would do it do much better. i need to see soulja between those sweet ass cheeks yes

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by Dave from London


Fantasy about Venom with Young Buck submitted by Jack from Minneapolis

DawgPound PornStar Venom   DawgPound PornStar I would like to see Venom dicked down by Markie. If not, how about Venom and Young Buck since they are vers.

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by SBreezy from Saginaw

DawgPound PornStar SargeI see you out shopping and I like what I see and because I know your into same sex relationships I wont hesitate to speak to try to exchange number....So we texting and talking and go on a couple of dates and then finally weeks later we get it in flip flop....both of us grinding kissing all over each other you licking all my spot I'm licking all of yours...then I eat yo ass then slip my dick inside you until you beg for more so then i start to give it to you fast and hard until u ask me to stop....Then I lay you down and slip you dick inside me then bounce up and down until you flip me on my back and give it to me harder....."BEST SEX I'LL EVER HAVE!!!" ....You are just one beautiful person which I'm pretty sure you have a beautiful personality that I would love to get to know you outside of the whole sex thing!!!

Fantasy about Brick submitted by Louis


Fantasy about Mr Markie submitted by jason from grand rapids

DawgPound PornStar Mr MarkieI am partying with Mr. Markie all night long. He is drinking 40's and for every one he takes down I give him a benjamin. Not long after that Mr. Markie are watching some porn and he starts to get aroused. My eyes bulge as I watch him slowly unzip his jeans and inside is the tightest biggest hottest bulge in tight white drawers I have ever seen. I think to myself, how in the hell did he get his jeans over that bulging cock. Mr. Markie rubs the bulge for a while and notices that I cannot help but stare at this massive black man in the white drawers with a huge cock bulging inside. He pulls his hands away and lets me get a full view of his magnificent manhood inside those shorts. I begin to sweat and emotions take over. i must have it. i must have it. I must get close to that bulge. He says in his deep voice, "don't start nuttin u can't finish baby cause I gonna finish it 4 u," I don't give a damn, and I reach around and untie his shoes first. He has massive big feet and I pull the shoes off. They smell wonderful. Next I reach for the jeans and again, he says, "baby, you keep goin and you are never gonna forget this night." He reaches for another 40 I flip him another benjamin and pull his jeans down to his ankles. All that remains as I look up from his tremendous muscled legs is that bulge in the center of two giant black redwoods. It is like an oversized cloud among the trees as it grows bigger and bigger and I think that he is gonna rip them drawers right off if that pole gets any larger. I reach for the waistband of the tight white drawers, and again he says in his deep masculine voice, "I'm warning you bitch, you gonna get a lot more than you planned." His words rock inside my head as I noticed he just finsihed another 40. Dayum that's five in one night. He reaches for #6 and I drop another benjamin, and reach inside the waistband of his hot white shorts. Its showtime now and I am not gonna be stopped. I dreamed of this moment and I wanted it for a long time. He murmers in his low tone, "go for it baby." My cue, I slowly pull the shorts down from his thigh exposing his tight curly hairs above his long hard shaft. I am enamored by the smells of his manliness. A little more and I can see his head and long cock coming out of the shorts. I must have it. i want it all so bad. He says, "its yours." And Mr. Markie stretches back with his long legs, only as he can and lays back in the chair. his hot massive leg muscles rubbing my sides as I inch my mouth towards the shaft, still resting on the waistband of the shorts. No drawers are ever gonna hold Mr Markie back and finally with my mouth on the tip of his cock I slide the drawers all the way down exposing his third leg, literally. His dick has a beer hard on and he is so fucking hung from the excitment and anticipation of what he is going to do to me. First he takes the back of my head and starts ramming it up and down and in and out of his tool. i am gagging because it is so large, but Mr. Markie, being the hung god that he is knows how to handle it and soon my mouth and throat is taking it all the way in. i cannot belive it. It is like his dick is going completely down my throat. Once fully immersed in his dick, I am eye level with his pubic hair, and all I can do is breath through my nose. My mouth is open wider than it ever has and I feel his powertool deep down my throat going towards my gut. Thats when it happens. Mr. Markie, in his commanding deep tone says, "I told you baby to expect it all. Its time." I am motionless. I cannot move cause if I do it would hurt to pull his monster cock out of my throat. He has me pinned and his big black hands cup the back of my head like a basketball. Like it or not, I am his and he has complete control over me. Mr. Markie says, "baby the fun is about to begin." and he begins to take a long hard piss straight into my gut. I feel his hot man juice fill my stomach and I am powerless to move. but I don't want to anyway. I want to please Mr. Markie anyway I can. His six beers begin to empty out into my mouth and down my throat and not a drip of his beautiful sweet tasting beer piss is lost as I take it all in. Finally after several minutes of unleashing a river of piss inside me he begins to slow down. He tells me not to spill any of his juice and there is going to be a night full of his piss deep inside me. Throughout the evening of sucking, he would pull my head deep into his cock and I knew that it was time for him to unleash the torrent of piss I had wanted so bad. At one point he decided to fuck me and threw me onto my stomach and make me arch over. Without any lube or preparing, he thrust his big black dick up my ass. It burned and tore my ass as it was not ready for it. but Mr. Markie knew just what he was doing and just what he wanted. Once deep up my hole I could feel it, I felt his vein in his dick bulge and suddenly he shot hot streams of piss up my ass and deep in my hole. I am weakened by the sheer strenght of this giant who knows how to turn a man inside out so easily. With piss deep inside me he can begin thrusting his power tool until a hot climax of cum mixes with his piss. When he pulls out, he warns me, "don't spill any." With that he turns me over and sticks me in the mouth again for another piss. He is tired now and goes to sleep but before he does he tells me just what I am to do- I must let him sleep with his dick in my mouth all night and every time he needs to unload some more of that hot 600 dollar beer, its gonna be inside my troat or ass. I am overjoyed

Fantasy about Brick submitted by Jack from Buckhead

DawgPound PornStar BrickBRICK SHOULD BOTTOM.

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by David from Ohio

DawgPound PornStar NuvoSOCCER SUCKER! It's my first day starting for my college soccer team. I've loved soccer since I was a kid, so I've been looking forward to this moment since I left high school and my high school team. I'm the only new addition to the team, except this guy who calls himself Nuvo. He's really popular with my teammates, they're always joking around with him and grabbing his butt. It's all kinda& gay. Which is fine. I'm bisexual. For the past few weeks I've found it all quite hot, but when Nuvo speaks to me, I come over all shy. In the locker room I've been looking for Nuvo, just so I can watch him undress& but he's never there. Infact, a few of the boys often go missing after training. I wonder where they go. It's our first official match with the new members, myself & Nuvo. My heart is racing and I'm ready. The first half doesn't go to plan, but we know coach will motivate us during half time. We're all muddy, sweaty & dirty. The locker room smells like testosterone, and we're sat out of breath getting pumped by coach. It's kinda hot. After coach leaves, one of my teammates grabs Nuvo by the back of his head and presses him down into his crotch. They are sat opposite me. I watch as the guy grinds his way into Nuvo's face, and Nuvo seems to be going with it. It's a little weird, but it's turning me on. The other guys are silent watching, and watching me. I'm confused as to what is going on. Within minutes, Nuvo is on his knees in front of my team mate, between his muddy hairy legs. He has his hard dick poked out of his muddy blue shorts and within seconds it disappears between Nuvo's soft plump pink lips. My team mate groans with a huge grin on his face as Nuvo sucks up and down his dick, which is bigger than I had expected of this boy, whose arrogance had previously turned me off him. I can't stop watching. I don't seem to care that the other guys around me are watching. I take my own dick out and I start to rub myself. George, the dude getting head, smirks at me and beckons me over. I move over to them both and George pushes my hand down the back of Nuvo's shorts. I hesitate for a second, but my fingers find themselves rubbing between Nuvo's warm chocolate brown cakes. Within seconds I have two fingers inside him. Nuvo makes the sexiest soft groans as I watch him devouring my team mate's penis, and my fingers find themselves pushing into him deeper. I can't help it. I just want to fuck the shit out of this boy. An urge of dominance and arrogance takes over me and I force Nuvo's hand around my cock. I tell him to jerk me off and I start fucking him harder and harder with my fingers as George fucks his dick into Nuvo's mouth. The intensity of how horny I am is almost unbearable. I can feel myself about to cum any second. But my joy doesn't last long. I am shoved out of the way by one of the stronger guys in our team, who already has his beefy cock out, almost as thick as my arm. He hoists Nuvo to his feet, drags his shorts down and slams his beefy cock up his ass, where my fingers had previously been. I watch in amazement as the boy of my dreams is spit roasted between two arrogant, dirty, sweaty boys. I should be repulsed, but my dick is so hard and it's dripping with pre cum. My heart is racing as I watch my entire team fuck the living shit out of Nuvo, who doesn't look at me once. I almost feel sorry for him as my team mates take it in turns to slam his ass out, pulling out just moments after slamming their way in, making sure everyone has a go. Nuvo has already sucked cum out of George and another of my team mates by this point, and they are sorting themselves out elsewhere in the room. One of the more outspoken boys pipes up and gets the team to stand around Nuvo in a circle to finish off. A guy I've been close to from my team grabs my arm and pulls me into the circle. By this point my penis is lubed in pre cum. Nuvo works his way around the circle, making each boy groan and explode individually before he reaches me, 8 boys in. He looks up at me with his big brown eyes, his mouth is red and moist. He has cum in his facial hair and it has leaked down his chin and throat. Nuvo inhales my penis and within 2 minutes I have deposited my nut into his throat. He moves on swiftly like it's a job and I watch as the final round of boys are finished off. I can't help but stare at Nuvo's ass which is red from the abusive pounding he was given, but I feel no sympathy. He has loved every second of it. I re-dress as Nuvo finishes with the final guy and I'm the only one still staring at Nuvo after the session has ended. Nuvo remains on his knees for several minutes after finishing as he clenches his eyes closed, fingers his own ass, licks his wet sticky lips and jerks himself off. I re-harden as Nuvo shoots his own load over his own sweaty abs to finish himself off, before he gets up, wipes his mouth & gets changed as if nothing happened. As we play out the final part, I can barely take my mind off of what had happened just moments ago in the locker room. Nuvo was playing like a pro, yet my attention was elsewhere. We won the match. As we walk back to the locker room I see Nuvo and a selection of the team walking off to the bike sheds. I bite my lip and continue walking - knowing what they will be doing. I make sure I change in record time, and I shoot off to the bike sheds. I stay quiet and stay hidden as I watch a repeat performance. Amazing. As I said, I love soccer. But now? I love the breaks in-between far more& Thanks Nuvo.

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Martin from Indiana

DawgPound PornStar NuvoI wanna be under the mistletoe with Nuvo this Christmas. Infact, I'll lace my bedroom in mistletoe... ;)

Fantasy about Nuvo with Hot Rod and Angyl Valantino submitted by Storyteller from Arizona

DawgPound PornStar Nuvo   DawgPound PornStar Angyl ValantinoHotRod and Angyl Valentino are in they hotel room. Angyl be sucking on HotRod's phat dick getting him all juiced up when Nuvo lets himself in to turn down the beds. Nuvo sees the boyfriends at it, apologizes and turns to leave but naw Angel want him to stay, so Angyl make Nuvo suck his boyfriend dick. Nuvo sucks HotRod's big juicy dick as Angyl pulls down Nuvo's pants and starts to finger his tasty ass. After 15 minutes of sucking HotRod groans and cums in Nuvo's mouth. Nuvo groans and swallows it all down before turning around and sucking down Angyl's wet sticky dick. HotRod begins to eat Nuvo's ass as Nuvo deepthroats his boyfriends dick. It only takes Nuvo 5 minutes to make Angyl cum, and once he's done HotRod is already ready for more. HotRod forces his dick between Nuvo's cakes and slams him out. Angyl watches Nuvo & HotRod fucking like beasts on the messy hotel bed as Nuvo groans and licks his sticky wet lips. Nuvo works his butt on HotRod's pole and Angyl starts getting jealous so he dips his balls into Nuvo's mouth and we all know what Nuvo's like on a fresh salty pair of balls, right?? Nuvo pleasures them both for 10 more minutes before Angyl pushes Nuvo's sweaty body back and squeezes his dick inside his tight ass with HotRod so they are double fucking his tasty ass. They ride and fuck him so good which makes Nuvo cum all over himself. HotRod and Angyl make out with Nuvo whilst fucking him and after 10 more minutes they realise they are about to cum. They pull they dicks outta Nuvo's horny ass, stand over him and bust jizz all over him.

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Lucien from Atlanta

DawgPound PornStar NuvoTITLE: Training Nuvo - I'm at the train station late at night and I just miss the train. I'm sat in the waiting area. No one is around. A sexy thug boy comes and sits opposite me with headphones on. He looks at me and smiles, so I smile back. I ask him his name, he takes his headphones off and I repeat my question. He tells me his name is Nuvo. I ask Nuvo if he sucks dick. He smirks and nods. He then tells me that he just gave two business men head in the guys toilets. I smile and start to unzip. Nuvo moves over and drops to his knees between my jeans, helping them down to my knees. Before long my thick 8 inch cock is riding his throat. Nuvo looks up at me to garner my reaction as my eyes roll back and I relax back into the bench. Nuvo works my pole like a professional, and it's not long before he's sucked my nut out of me. He was so good that the whole blowjob was like an orgasm from start to finish. Nuvo swallows my cum and helps me back into my jeans. He thanks me. If only he knew how good he had pleasured me. Our train arrives shortly after. We go straight to the toilets and I fuck his brains out. I leave him smirking up at me, his face coated in semen. I exit the toilet as another man enters. I take my seat and learn how thin the walls are. I can hear Nuvo's moans through the toilet door. I smile and I continue my journey. I didn't get the chance to get his number. Or his real name... damn…

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Daryn from LDN

DawgPound PornStar NuvoCan I have Nuvo under my Christmas tree? I want 2 fuk him hood style n show him how a real thug do

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by JaxXx from Maryland

DawgPound PornStar NuvoNuvo in a Christmas fuckfest with some of DawgPound's finest, cos let's face it, it's Christmas and we all want an epic hot movie to round the year off. The mega popular Sarge, the mega sexy Python & the legends that are Ace Rockwood & Phat Daddy. Their XXXmas present? Nuvo. Nuvo gives them all Christmas blowjobs before they all jump on his ass and start to fuck him. Of course they have to leave the milk out so they all dump their cream onto Nuvo's face and leave him out for Santa…

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Rayne from Indiana

DawgPound PornStar NuvoCan't wait till you next update wid a Nuvo update. You takin so long it's my damn fantasy to see anything wid him in lol its all good tho I will keep waiting but I wanna see him in a movie b4 xmas and it gotta be a hella hot one to make up for the lack of nuvo we gettin ;) aha

Fantasy about Sarge with Ian Rock submitted by FirstRobert from Houston

DawgPound PornStar Sarge   DawgPound PornStar Would love to see Sarge tackle the infamous Ian Rock in a hot, hot video...the ultimate top and the ultimate bottom.

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Jarrell from NY

DawgPound PornStar NuvoI want 2 slam Nuvo's phyne ass in the kitchen n press his sexy face down into the sink as I stab my horny biracial penis deep up his ass and make him groan like a lil bitch b4 I cum

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Supafreeek from Miami

DawgPound PornStar NuvoI had a dream where I was buying groceries and Nuvo asked me for assistance. I asked him where the bread was at and he lead me to it, then gave me the eye and started chatting me up. Before long he was on his knees smiling up at me with that gorgeous smile he has. I rubbed on his head and he rubbed on my crutch. I got hard real quick and it didn't take long before Nuvo's thick lips were buried in my pubes. My full 9 inch boner was stuffed down his throat without even a choke. I stood there holding my groceries in a basket with my jeans at my thighs and my fat black dick out getting head down the bread isle. Well it didn't take long til I groan and cum. Nuvo swallowed it up and zipped me back up and let me go on my ways. I woke up sticky.

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Ronnie

DawgPound PornStar NuvoI wanna stick my dick thru a glory hole when Nuvo peeing and have him suck my cock. Then when he got me leakin he can get on his feet and slam his ass down on it and let me fuck him thru the glory hole un til I tell him I am going to cum so he has to scramble on his knees to eat my cum

Fantasy about Python submitted by Yves from Pretoria

DawgPound PornStar PythonI am waiting for a friend in a hotel room when Python suddenly comes out of the bathroom naked and dripping wet.I freeze and do not know what to do but just stare and marvel.Python starts to move closer,his large cock getting longer,thicker,harder and erect.He grabs a hold of me and I let him feel my dick and ass.He goes behind me and presses his cock against my ass making me lust for him even more.He strips me naked and goes on his knees to suck my dick.He sucks and massages it,giving me a feeling I have never felt before.I release my load in his mouth and feel naughty for doing so.He rises from the floor,turns me around,spanks my ass and throws me onto the bed face down.He falls right on top of me and thrusts his long cock into my virgin ass.I tighten my ass and squeeze his dick so hard he moans with pleasure.Python fucks me so hard I beg for more.He releases his load inside me but this does not stop him from continuing to fuck me.I turn around to face him and he continues to fuck me senseless.I rise up to kiss and caress him and those lips of his are to die for.I suck his tongue and this makes me want to suck his dick.I pull his cock out of my ass and put it in my mouth.Nothing has ever tasted so good as a large cock dripping with a man's load.I suck,kiss,massage and caress it until he cums.I lie on the bed and he mounts facing me.He begins to rub our dicks against each other as we kiss so wildly.We are so in tune to each other that we cum at the same time.We lie in bed together taking a breather before I go to the bathroom to take a shower,freshen-up and leave.As soon as I'm in the shower I feel Python behind me and I hold on to the towel rail as he penetrates my ass and fucks me again.He fucks me so hard I feel as if his cock is getting even larger in my ass.I come to the realization of why he might be called Python,it's like having a cock with the strength and size of a python in my ass.As he fucks me he masturbates my dick and I fall weak to his desires.I then go down on my knees and suck his cock.He grabs hold of my head and I am trapped between his his hands and strong thighs.I can feel his man hair brush against my face and his balls keep hitting my chin;it's a wonderful place to have your head trapped.My face and mouth are filled with his load and it tastes wonderful.He lifts me onto the vanity,raises my feet into the air and puts his cock in my ass.He rams me like an enraged bull,it's so hard I feel as if the whole wolrd is moving to our rhythm.I can see an expression of pleasure and fulfilment on his face and I immediately fall in love with him.I have never been fucked before and to have your first time with a man who is strong,handsome and knows what he is doing is every gay man's dream.Python then drops down to suck my dick and I come to the realise that I want to be with this man,to have him fuck me all night;to have quickies at lunch breaks,in the car,at friends places and everywhere possible and impossible.I want to try every fucking position there ever was and invent new ones with him.I love him and the way he appears on the screen he is like no other man I have ever seen.I dream about him and his whole being makes me feel good inside,and when he fucks it's like he invented it.I want to feel his lips on mine,his cock in my muoth and ass,his hands to touch me all over and his body next to mine.I LOVE YOU PYTHON AND YOU ARE THE BEST AT WHAT YOU DO,SO COME FUCK ME!!!

Fantasy about Jovonnie submitted by dick from Fort Washington

DawgPound PornStar JovonnieI just love this niggas. I just dream that he fuckin the shit out of me going in and out in and out, hittin the right spots and my as wet as shit from watching this nigga fuck. I'm def tryyna make my fantasy a reality. I love dick!

Fantasy about Nuvo with Big Redd submitted by Jack from UK

DawgPound PornStar Nuvo   DawgPound PornStar CUM DUMP NUVO: Nuvo is waking up in bed with his Sexy-Ass Boyfriend, Big Redd. BR is fast asleep with a hard on so Nuvo slips under the sheets and starts to give him head. There was a party last night & Python, Ace Rockwood, Phat Daddy, Sarge, Venom, Soulja & Artist have crashed out around Big Redd's pad. Soulja wakes up and sees the sheets bobbing up and down over Big Redd's crotch so he reaches under and starts fingering deep into Nuvo's juicy bubble butt. Big Redd and Nuvo groan as they go at it, and Soulja licks his lips cuz he knows he's fuckin' wid a hot couple. After 10 minutes Soulja flips the covers off and stuffs his hot raging hard dick inside Nuvo and starts to fuck him so they spitroasting him. Gradually the other hot niggas wake up and watch - all getting hard as they take it in turns to slam Nuvo's ass. Before long BR has bust his nut in Nuvo's mouth so the other 7 swap around taking Nuvo in both ends with some cumming in his mouth, some up his ass, some over his back & in his face. Venom is the last the nut and Nuvo sucks on his balls as Venom jerks off and blows his load all over Nuvo so he's drenched in their spunk. They all then go to shower and Nuvo treats them all to a complimentary blowjob as they wash up. Nuvo swallows back all 8 loads and smiles up at them as they all slowly leave.

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by DEE N TAKOMA from washington, dc

DawgPound PornStar Sargehe would be my plumber...but i'd be laying the pipe. he'd be in my kitchen under the sibk w/o a shirt jeans hanging , no underwear. i walk in , in just my basketball shorts then my dick gets hard and he comes from under the sink. while sitting on my floor he sees that i'm hard, so while we're talking he's staring at my dick. i pull down my shirts throw mt dick down his throat...then its on. i eat that fat ass, then FUCK the shit out of this beautiful brutha....then my pipe burst and sprays all over his back , head...and ass...he gets back on his knees a swallow the rest of my drippings..…

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Bonah T

DawgPound PornStar NuvoI want to eat nuvo's ass till it's wet and sloppy and open ready for a drilling. I wanna poke my fingers in it and tongue slam it as I smack his tasty cakes. I want him to moan and groan my name as I eat him so deep wit my big wet tongue. Then he gets over to me in a 69 position and sucks my pole to the balls as I continue to eat him out and we go at it like that till I bust my nutt in his mouth. Then I make him eat my ass til I'm horny again and i fuck him all night.

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by JARED from BRONX


Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Derek from /

DawgPound PornStar NuvoA new Nuvo movie is long overdue. I fantasize about seeing that bitch on his back legs up and spread getting drilled with dick with a sexy nigga licking into his mouth humping away at him till he's ready to blow. Big Redd laid it down and showed em how to do it now lets get some fresh meat on Nuvos bones ;)

Fantasy about Sarge with Python and Soulja

DawgPound PornStar Sarge   DawgPound PornStar Soulja   DawgPound PornStar SouljaI am arrested and put into a cell with four strong,handsome,sexy,black men.They are Sarge,Python,Soulja and Venom.The lights get dimmed as the jail warders go home for the day.The four men surround me and force me to strip for them.They too strip naked and force me into a crawling posture.Sarge then kneels behind me and forces his thick,long,erect penis into my tight ass whilst Python sits on the bench in front of me so I can suck his big,strong,rigid penis.Soulja and Venom sit on either side of me and I begin to masturbate their large,muscular,erect penises.The men ejaculate and take turn changing positions, either sodomising me, getting a blowjob(felatio)or being masturbated.They then take turns to do the African squat fuck with me.I then kneel down as they surround me masturbating whilst I swallow their sperm when they ejaculate.They then take turns sucking my thick,rigid penis as I sit on the bench with one of them standing on it whilst I suck his penis and the other two sit beside me as I masturbate them.

Fantasy about Sarge with Venom submitted by First from brooklyn

DawgPound PornStar Sarge   DawgPound PornStar I'm his barber an i give him a fresh cut then I'm lining is goatee up checkin his lips out i brush my dick on his hand that happen to be on armrest he can tell my dick is Brick, he opens his eyes an knows whats up gives me a little wink on low, for some reason we close our eyes when we get our mustache an goatee lined up lol,so now it's time for me to bounce late night walking to my whip drive off see him in his whip at the light he give that nod an shyt like we niggaz do, i say son follow me so i can holla at you for min, he's with it so i drive until its safe where we can pull over an shyt an kick it we both already know nahmean, so we decide to go to my spot where it goes down in my mind i know this nigga can take my dick cause when i saw him take venom i know he can hang with the big boyz, i eats son ass an fuck him right all this nigga kept saying is yea son fuck me yo i bust like WOW....wen it wuz all done dude wuz like yo datzup you def gotta keep giving me lineup weekly.

Fantasy about Johnny Rocks submitted by George from Boston


Fantasy about Sarge with Tyson Kobie submitted by juan from monterrey

DawgPound PornStar Sarge   DawgPound PornStar I'd like to see the beautiful and hot Sarge being fucked and pissed by a horny bunch of 5 skinny big dicked younger latinos or 5 black muscled horny men. Meanwhile Sarge please to all of them in multiple positions; moaning' and yellin' and covered of cum in his face, mouth, tongue and pecs.

Fantasy about Sarge with King submitted by william from Columbus, OH

DawgPound PornStar Sarge   DawgPound PornStar To see you in briefs since you have the body for it

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by James from London

DawgPound PornStar NuvoI had a dream that I met Nuvo on a night out and we fucked in the toilet of the club. Then we went back to his hotel and he gave me head in the elevator till I blew my load down his throat. Then we went to the room and made out on the bed till he got his legs in the air and I rode his ass out before groaning and cumming deep inside him. I pulled out and kissed him, then we got into the shower. Things got a bit steamy again and we went for a fourth round. I bent him over under the warm shower water and screwed him hard for another half hour before he got on his knees and sucked the fourth load outta me. I thought I was done, but as we drifted off to sleep in bed he tongued my hairy body down and gave me head till I exploded for a 5th time. He swallowed it all and we went to sleep. I would love that to happen…

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by DexXx from Uk

DawgPound PornStar NuvoI wud ruin nuvo no joke, i wud slap my 12 inch dick all over dat pretty lil face n make him beg 4 it den i wud slam it down his throat and make him deep throat it and suck it2 da base n lick out in2 my balls..... i wud tear shitup ! need 2 slam nuvo.. he got twitter i can follow ?

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by jonathan from connecticut

DawgPound PornStar Nuvonuvo need 2 get wid multipl niggas @ 1 time. He look like he can handle bein dumped on wid bout 3 fat cum explosions dutty ho

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Jamal from Nebraska

DawgPound PornStar NuvoNuvo need to eat ass.. he need to be sat on as the dude jerks off.. i luv when Nuvo be suckin balls too but he need to get the whole bag in, luv his skills but he need to be going all out for us fans yo

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by Rashad from Greenwood, Ms

DawgPound PornStar SargeI really enjoy this fantasy situation but i want the real deal, the chance to be able to get you all alone in a room by ourselves.I'm not a romantic type person so i would want you to go all out the way to impress someone you already have. I would like you to treat me like a dude and same will be done to you. I want to be able to make all your stress go away. Give you a nice massage, while you play with my ass and play with yourself. Then I would slowly lick my tongue around your dick as you aggressively slap my ass and push my head down onto that rock hard dick. Enjoying the things that we doing, you turns me over and begins to eat me out. I feel the sensation that yarns through my body as you enter the head of your rock hard dick into my tight ass. As you pushes forward, I then push back as that big dick travel through. I like the way you pushes my back in as you hitting it from the back and then grabs my waste as you slap my ass. Gripping me tight like you never wants to come out. You then grabs me by my shoulder and began pushing faster and going deeper. The pain was excruciating, but pleasing me at the same time. As you pulls out of my ass, you then sat down as i got on top of you. You sticks two fingers into my mouth, pulls them out and starts to play with my ass, then re-enters that dick back into my ass. As i slowly, but pleasurably, rides up and down, you then grabs my waste and massively pulls me closer as you bounce up and down. The feeling was so overwhelming that we had to change into another position. You then lays me on my back and continues fucking me. You fucks me faster and harder until you feel the need to come and pulls my head toward your dick, as i start sucking every drop that you have into my mouth. You then bends over and kisses me and ask when can i get this ass again, and i responded this was just a one time thing and leaves the room...... ( if only this could happen fareal, but fantasies are only dreams, hopes and wishes.)

Fantasy about Big Redd submitted by Anthony from Suffolk

DawgPound PornStar Big ReddI have a fantasy of being screwed in a swing.Not banged out but stroked nicely.Big Redd is a fantastic kisser, and rimmer.I would love to be with him or someone like him.FINE AS HELL!

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