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Fantasy about Ian Rock submitted by Sipho from Cape Town, South Africa

DawgPound PornStar Ian RockI would like to be a friend of you, Ian Rock

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Harvey from Chicago


Fantasy about XL with Python and Ace Rockwood submitted by blk4lat

DawgPound PornStar XL   DawgPound PornStar Ace Rockwood   DawgPound PornStar Ace RockwoodMy ultimate fantasy is to see Python man handle XL for disrespecting Python sister who attends college which XL is dating. I want XL to play the role of a straight brother who loves female pussy, but wind up paying the price for insulting Python younger sister by sucking & deep throat Python massive huge dick! on his knees looking up at Python while being verbal abused. Then I want Python to let XL know that since you disrespect my sister I'm going to take it out on your asshole bitch. I want to hear XL tell Python that he don't swing that way. Python insist that he is going to have XL virgin ass or man pussy the easy way or the hard way. XL & Python begin to argue then wrestle with one another which Python over powers XL. XL begs and begin to apologize to Python for hurting his sister. Unfortunately man, Python ain't hearing nor haven it. I want to see XL take Python Massive Shaft in every position with XL being f_ _k in his final position missionary style on his back with his legs up in the air while Python pulls off XL white gym socks and begin to lick & gnaw on the bottom of XL gorgeous bright sexy smooth baby feet's (soles). I want to hear XL moaning and groaning about his feet's being man handle while being pounded at the same time by Python. I want some serious dominance, vocal and verbal talk from Python. The final finish is Python bust his nut all over XL body/face. Then XL bust his thick creamy load all over his stomach/chest. I want to see both of these sexy gorgeous entertainers & models go at it. Yo, DawgPound, PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN ASAP! MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE. FUTURE SCENE 2014 Yours dearly, BLK4BLK&BLATINO FOOTFETISH

Fantasy about Deezel submitted by Calvin from McComb

DawgPound PornStar DeezelI want daddy to tie me up to a tree. Let that anaconda attack my mouth. I want to deepthroat & choke on it. Let that anaconda slide up my leg and pound my tight ass until I scream.

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by James from Brooklyn

DawgPound PornStar Sargedamn I wanna meet and fuck Sarge over and over again.....my fantasy is to fuck sarge six times a day and make him suck my dick over and over again.........also I wanna fuck sarge till he cums

Fantasy about Raw with LO submitted by dawson

DawgPound PornStar Raw   DawgPound PornStar BUCKETLIST: Lo & Raw.....FLIP, nuf said

Fantasy about Artist submitted by andrew from new york

DawgPound PornStar Artistmake a movie in my apartment with artist

Fantasy about Jovonnie submitted by deepnunNY

DawgPound PornStar JovonnieI'd love to see Jovonnie giving up that sweet ass... Damn that would be hot as hell. I'd nut in my pants!!! No hands!!! fa sho

Fantasy about Soulja with Artist submitted by Shamarw7

DawgPound PornStar Soulja   DawgPound PornStar Just soulja and artist. I love those two in muscle beach

Fantasy about Arquez submitted by Tyrone from Kansas City Mo

DawgPound PornStar ArquezI love you quez I hope you see this I won't you go to come out here to kc to the club I like fhat cute body on you you got some sexy lips and that dixk you got on you damn and that booty I go verse just for that sexy ass

Fantasy about Ush aka Usher Richbanks submitted by mitchelle from long beach


Fantasy about XL with Sarge and Rio submitted by 001FERNANDO

DawgPound PornStar XL   DawgPound PornStar Rio   DawgPound PornStar RioThe scenario is that I am just arriving home from a long day at work to find my place broken into-- nothing seems to be missing but I am nervous so I call the police (Sarge and XL). They are on there way to my place as soon as I hang up.. unfortunately I did not check the entire home and find myself being held up in my home by Rio.. he attacks me from behind and throws me onto the floor and takes the knife and cut my pants down the middle... Sarge and XL hear the ruckus as they approach my home--they draw their weapons and barge into the living room where they find me ass up with a dick in my ass from Rio and they dont stop the rape.. they join in.. Sarge is getting banged by XL then sits on my dick as XL feeds me his and the menage quatro goes throughout the entire home.. .. let me know if this can be a reality .. ..holla at me ...

Fantasy about Arquez submitted by anytime from San Antonio

DawgPound PornStar ArquezMy fantasies is to ignore the two black guys who wanted to be my first black gods my first taste of what being a man's piece of a ass they got it to where it won't be to painful but they did no justice to the black men I want to worship and make them know they are men of men and we'll worth worth finally being black property.so my fantasy I get arguez to meet.me and he says I'll make u a man I let my self go making out with him getting intimate telling him he's hot and I feel like urs and I drop and give u the most hot dirty but meaniful head and u talked to me saying I was making him feel like a king and so wanted I said it's all I desire to be the best lover slut for black men I want to see me as true to being owned and I u cum on my face and I link it taste it and u rub my head and said u love it I said dont stop I'm urs and to pass time u lay on u r back I get on top and I rub u kiss on u I'm love being somebody's man slut and u roll me.over and we kiss like hot lovers and then I get bent over I say make me a man own me daddy do it like it u deserve and he fucks me non stop any way every way and I ride it like I was born to he abused me ruffled me pounded like no woman should and I took it and he cummed in me and I stayed in me pulled me back said ur claimed and I said I will Be the best and I got made a man today finally I won't let no cum be wasted in me or on my face so I say my dad ain't my dad black boys

Fantasy about Artist submitted by Kris from Lake Charles

DawgPound PornStar ArtistI am so in love with you!!! I am also Discreet

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Kenny from Atlanta,GA/Tuscaloosa,AL

DawgPound PornStar RioMy fantasy is me a Rio meeting casually at a bar. While having a few drinks and sharing a few laughs he grabs my hand and ask "You come with me?" I reply "Now you know you didn't have to ask " then we head back to his apartment building. Once entering his he grabs my phat chocolate ass and starts kissing me on the neck and lips (Now fellas you know when a guy kiss and sucks on your neck its on like sex is inevitable at that moment) as we continue kissing he unlocks the door and pushes me on the couch. He comes over get on top of me and start to remove his shirt I then sit up and start sucking is nipples while unbuckling his pants I pull out his hott throbbing big black dick and starts sucking devouring every inch, then I will move down to suck his balls then sliding my tongue all in his ass. After foreplay I remove my clothes and he ask where you wanna do his I look to my right and see a balcony point and say let's do it out there. Once on the balcony he kisses my neck and works his way down to my nice smooth chocolate ass and puts in work before oiling up my ass and sliding he dick all in me switching to various positions unit we both cum.. (So much more detail and thing that could happen but not typing all that lol just find out) Fyi recent college grad majored in Pre-Law Minored in International Business Im 25 5'10" 165 single HIV Negative and READY TEXT ME 706 395 2804

Fantasy about Brick submitted by davidgr8

DawgPound PornStar BrickI would love to see BRICK bottom...It's nothing hotter then a masculine bottom. He's got the most beautiful ass and pretty feet. Would love to see those feet in the air and that ass open. It's so hot when he gets rimmed in his videos. It has to be a good match up...no weak top...JUst sayin!!

Fantasy about Jovonnie submitted by Nigel from St. Louis

DawgPound PornStar JovonnieI love me a lightskinned man with dreads they're my weakness first I we would could for about an hour then I would suck his dick and suck on them balls them I would suck his toes and eat that ass then I would bend his legs back to his ears and just fuck the shit out of him while fingering his throat I would wait to nut then he would fuck me I would ride the dick I would tell him to smack my ass and everything . Then I would suck his dick til he cums and we would swap cum then I would spit the cum back in his asshole and fuck em til I got ready to nut then I would nut in his mouth and we would swap cum again and I would suck his dick again then we would shower together go to sleep wake up the next morning repeat! Then sit down to a big ass breakfast

Fantasy about XL submitted by richard from london

DawgPound PornStar XLI would love to see XL in a satin baseball jacket with enormous baggy sleeves

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by carlos from ohio

DawgPound PornStar SargeMy fantasy is to lick/eat Sarge's ass and fuck his hole all day long and feel that ass open up and get wet n'hot on my dick

Fantasy about Phat Daddy submitted by shawn from portsmouth

DawgPound PornStar Phat DaddyFucking me on a plane or outside dicking ducking balls then eating ur ass fuck me hard

Fantasy about Krave Moore submitted by jusnoah

DawgPound PornStar Krave MooreKrave, when do u come to nyc pa? I wanna see u asap when u do.

Fantasy about King submitted by Alex from Modena, Italy

DawgPound PornStar KingI would like to be in place of Miguel Lee, when him and King in Fukkin in the Jacuzzi.... Mmmmm fine sexy man King.... Kiss from Italy

Fantasy about Jovonnie submitted by Jay from Blythewood

DawgPound PornStar JovonnieJovonnie was the very first porn person I watch on the internet. He just seem so freaky cool and laid back. But, dats my lil story about how Jovonnie. Just wish I could see him in real life just to take a picture and chill for the rest of the day.

Fantasy about Ush aka Usher Richbanks submitted by Aj from Memphis

DawgPound PornStar Ush aka Usher RichbanksOf course it's me and Ush n my fantasy... Picture it I'm at a house party playing around on jackd and a Ush hits me up. No pic what so ever on his profile. Message says I been looking at ur ass all night and u been suckin on that straw all night. I hit him back saying o really, so r u going to show urself to me it's a lot of ppl here u could b one of the ones I ain't spoken to since I been here so I may need to end this convo. Ush says meet me upstairs in the guest bathroom if u want to get at me and if u come that means u will suck my dick and I'm fuckin u when ur done. No change ur mind u will get fucked in this bathroom. I'd b so fuckin happy to see it's Ush and ain't no changing my mind he can have me anytime and I hope that's all the time ;

Fantasy about Ush aka Usher Richbanks submitted by Ricky from birmingham

DawgPound PornStar Ush aka Usher Richbanksi would love 2 let both of them fuck me at the same dammmmm time can that really happen

Fantasy about Venom submitted by cornelius from dayton ohio

DawgPound PornStar Venomi would like to say that i am a big fan of venom and first i would eat that sweet ass and suck on that big ass dick than i will have him to lay down fuck my brains out than i will take him and lay him down and rub all over that nice body than eat that ass until he tells me to stop than take a hot shower together all wet kissing rubbing on each other dicks get hard than suck him dry he is just to damn sexy cause i would not mine be married to him cause chile lord have mercy.well venom keep up the good work and when you get this please respond or email me at corneliusmallory27@gmail.com much love.

Fantasy about Ush aka Usher Richbanks with XL and Venom submitted by bcjones1985

DawgPound PornStar Ush aka Usher Richbanks   DawgPound PornStar Venom   DawgPound PornStar VenomTo see USH Usher Richbanks top XL and Venom

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Akilla from Johannesburg

DawgPound PornStar RioSexy Rio is everything for me. I would love a night with him while I grab his Butt and let him do silly and sexy things to me.

Fantasy about Artist submitted by Khriss from New York

DawgPound PornStar ArtistArtist is one sexy dude. My fantasy is to fuck him until he surrenders and really give the ass up with lustful want and desire for me. . I love to fuckem then suckem. Make it happen!

Fantasy about Maseo with LO submitted by Klever from New York

DawgPound PornStar Maseo   DawgPound PornStar I would love to see maseo fucked by lo. That's all.

Fantasy about SexyOne submitted by James from Hollywood , California

would love to make love with sexyone on the ocean yahatt

Fantasy about XL submitted by Mike from Nyc

DawgPound PornStar XLI want to see xl in a 4 way with big dick cats who can actually fuck!!! I want xl to be the total bottom or flip but still get fucked by them all. Please record longer fucking action. The eiiting always cut out the good stuff.

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by topdogg

DawgPound PornStar SargeI want to see sarge again

Fantasy about Ian Rock submitted by Sabastian from Tulsa

DawgPound PornStar Ian RockMy fantasy with Ian is to have him spread eagle on the bed and I crawl up from behind and spread his ass cheeks exposing that nice hole and run my tongue around the edges of his whole as he moan begging me you stick my tongue inside. I continue to tease him and he moans louder and louder and suddenly he burst with a loud sigh of relief and my tongue reaches his prostate. As i go in and out massaging his prostate and getting his hole nice and wet he toot his ass up in the air inviting my dick to take control

Fantasy about Python with Mr Markie submitted by bikoh from barbados

DawgPound PornStar Python   DawgPound PornStar a flip flop scene with mr.markii

Fantasy about XL with Mike Mann submitted by Laced from New York

DawgPound PornStar XL   DawgPound PornStar Would love to see Xl and mike mann pound a newcomer just give him a hell of a welcoming to the family taking turns filling both openings up as he sucks their dicks rolling his eyes back as one of them rams him in the ass taking every inch of their dicks in him. Just some hot rough hardcore sex on a newbie

Fantasy about Bamm Bamm submitted by quincy from baton rougei

DawgPound PornStar Bamm BammI would love to meet bam so far hes my favorite. I just love see him in action

Fantasy about Jovonnie submitted by Kyre from Philadelphia

DawgPound PornStar JovonnieHE is so fine, but my fantasy about jo is to have him over and he says he needs some pipe work done i go to sucking his dick and he fucks the shit outta me.

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Kyre from Philadelphia

DawgPound PornStar NuvoMy fantasy about nuvo is that he meets me at my house, smokes he tells me he needs something done and starts feeling his booty. Then i go to eat and he says yeah nigga aww. We fuck and he screams my name and wants more.

Fantasy about Arquez submitted by roy from springfield mass

DawgPound PornStar ArquezFor to make love too me and let me suck he,s nice dick and cum all over my body omg dam arquez

Fantasy about Ush aka Usher Richbanks submitted by BOSS from Harlem

DawgPound PornStar Ush aka Usher RichbanksLOVE MY STEP POP BUT IT TIME WE GET IT ONNNNN ASAP

Fantasy about Rio with Rico submitted by bcjones1985

DawgPound PornStar Rio   DawgPound PornStar I would love to see Rio and Rico get it on early morning workout,usher plows Rio's Pharr sexy ass, after a steamy bump and grind session.

Fantasy about Larenz Taste with Ush aka Usher Richbanks submitted by bcjones1985

DawgPound PornStar Larenz Taste   DawgPound PornStar I would love love looooooooove to see he and usher Richbanks. Have usher plow that Pratt beautiful ass.... Would b awesome.....!

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Harvey from Chicago

DawgPound PornStar RioI wish Rio would come to Chicago, and give me a lap dance and a fuck session.

Fantasy about Ush aka Usher Richbanks submitted by Sean from Johannesburg

DawgPound PornStar Ush aka Usher RichbanksI wanna see pictures of Usher Richbanks

Fantasy about Ian Rock submitted by josephtoms

DawgPound PornStar Ian RockI would like to see Ian get fuck. Ian so masculine and to see him get fuck would turn me on.

Fantasy about Bamm Bamm submitted by reuben from waterloo, ontario

DawgPound PornStar Bamm BammBam is super sexy. The way he deep throats, kisses, fingers and penetrates is extremely attractive. His lips are beautiful. He's masculine. he talks dirty, His skin is radiant, and overall he is handsome. If I could have the chance to meet him here in Canada, I would. (Thats a little fantasy of mine) Allow him to be in more of your videos. He's a keeper.

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Christian from Atlanta

DawgPound PornStar RioI would love to have Rio's ig name

Fantasy about Venom submitted by binga66

DawgPound PornStar VenomJust to keep him naked in bed for the weekend, eat his ass at will, and fuck him till I am dry, hell for the weekend i might just give him some as

Fantasy about Warhammer submitted by jim from Miami

I've had Warhammer...He loves fucking trannies, and them fucking him !!! He's about as straight as Elton John....The dick was good though, worth every penny :-)

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