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Fantasy about Ian Rock

DawgPound PornStar Ian RockFor him to return to DPU especially to top Berlin!!!

Fantasy about Tank submitted by DA from 804


Fantasy about Envy submitted by hiroki from Los Angeles

what a cute and sexy new comer Envy really is. Slimthug can fuck the hell out of him till begging for mercy. Can't wait to see!

Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by N from Washington, DC

DawgPound PornStar Curt Dawg aka Mr. XI've been crazy about Curt Dawg ever since I learned that he was Mr. X. Such a beautiful chocolate body, nice legs and feet and a killer ass! Would love to see him pair up with any of the following tops and let them flip for each other: Slim Thug, Soulja, Treshawn, Brick, or Tyson. Let them ask Cornbread how much fun it can be!

Fantasy about Panther submitted by Fred from Washington

This man is so fine, and seemingly under utilized. I would simply enjoy eating him from head to toe.

Fantasy about Bruno submitted by will

DawgPound PornStar BrunoBruno is f'ing gorgeous and a great new model. I don't care who he fucks, I just want to see more of him. He is great giving or receiving the dick. Another model I'd particularly like to see him with is Berlin, who is also really hot but hasn't been in any videos recently unfortunately. I wet my pants already imagining them flip-flop. I'd ride both of those black stallions until I couldn't walk anymore, and then I'd take them both in my mouth and let them blow it in me, swallowing it all. Would love to be spit-roasted by them. I would fuck with Bruno for life, straight up.

Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by michael from Macon

DawgPound PornStar Curt Dawg aka Mr. XI just don't want to see curt dawg with nobody else but me plowing into me like there's no tomorrow. me curt and romance I would teach both of these fine ass dudes how to let the freak out .they will truly be put to the test if I ever get a whole of them. I will see can romance live up to his name or is he just a virgin at putting it down. as for the great curt we will truly see if you have any dawg in you because I will be out to break that stick off and please have a strong back . I just don't understand how a guy can fuck you and not put his back into it ,I want him to try to break it off in me ,put my ass to sleep that what I try to do so romance and curt you know that what I do to you in my dreams. dam playing with my ass again just thinking about you guys.oh ! by the way curt stay a top I want at least one of my man just laying pipe the other can flip flop but not with me I'm the bottom in my dream and oh, how I love bottoming for these two hunks and everything else........til my next dream curt dawg and romance .......…

Fantasy about Treshawn submitted by Dave from ATLANTA

DawgPound PornStar TreshawnIt'll be such a hot scene to see Treshawn bottom or flip, can't wait to see it on DP.

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by George from London


Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by michael from macon

DawgPound PornStar Curt Dawg aka Mr. Xits always curt and romance can't get them off my mind .would love to be both of their play toy. man i'm totally a freak and would love to show them why their is nobody freaker than me .they would have to bring their a game to the table no half stepping . i want both of them at one time just to see if they are boys or mens .i can't do boys but i will put a grown man to sleep just with my head game ,imagine what i will do to them when i fuck them .curt and romance i will do things to your body that you never dream about dam i'm playing with my ass just writing this me curt and romance in a threesome with both fucking me and i'm draining both sucking balls which i love wow totally hot..that what kinda videos you should do more of sucking balls i love that and it drives them crazy if you know how to do it right. i love get them good and wet with my mouth then start caressing them with my hands while i'm sucking their dicks. opps! just cum all over myself til next time curt ,romance take care of them fine ass bodies of yours because i want to milk them dry ,no joke.....................…

Fantasy about Seduction submitted by Jay from greenville


Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by Panther from Houston

DawgPound PornStar Curt Dawg aka Mr. XI actually did meet Curt Dawg/Mr X in person. Hella sexy. I love the way he aims to please. He can get this big ass booty anytime.

Fantasy about King submitted by D from DALLAS


Fantasy about Jovonnie submitted by Kemar from London

DawgPound PornStar Jovonniei wud luv 2 c Jovonnie, Cityboi, Slim Thug, , Romance, Phat daddy and Treshawn in a scene 2getha! all luking sexi! i wud watch the vid every day!

Fantasy about Seduction submitted by Robert from Somerset

I would love to see a fuck video with Seduction, Romance, and Venom. These three are some of the sexiest guys on Dawgpound.

Fantasy about Treshawn

DawgPound PornStar TreshawnTo see the fabolous Treshawn Valentino bang the hell out of Berlin!!!

Fantasy about Venom

DawgPound PornStar VenomTo see Venom return and see him be a total bottom for Cornbread, Zion(aka Sexcyone), Slim Thug and, ESPECIALLY Treyshawn Valentino!!!

Fantasy about Berlin aka Nubius

DawgPound PornStar Berlin aka NubiusTo see Berlin and Cornbread in a scene together, and for Berlin to be his total bottom!!!

Fantasy about Romance submitted by michael from macon

DawgPound PornStar Romanceromance still in my dreams would love for him to bring his fine ass to the mack town so i can suck his brain out of that beautiful dick of his then i would tongue his balls ,then start sucking them as well, from dick to balls repeatly until he shoots a load deep down my throat ,he then turn me over eat my ass get it all wet and juicy then plow that beautiful pipe of his deep in me with slow stroking . i reach down and start caressing his balls as he's plowing my ass. findly he release his load for a second time. at this point he is exhausted he falls asleep .i wake him up with my tongue up his ass ,i tell him i not even half way finish with him and continue eating his ass while playing with his dick. soon as it get hard he fuck me for all he's got after that we both falls asleep..

Fantasy about Romance submitted by michael from macon

DawgPound PornStar Romancei just fell in love with rommace. his dick just be calling be in my sleep have to get up turn on the computer just to see him .i know he can to some dick to that good because in my dream i let him and souja boy to fuck me til the sun comes up. i would just love to get them on a bed or table or even the floor and just lick and suck them from head to toe sobbing over both of them at the same time ,then let them take turn fucking my mouth and ass at the same time .i also would love to suck and caress those balls of theirs i mean how can you suck dick and not caress the balls i don't understand .believe me i will suck their brain out of their heads hopefully they will have a little left to give me another fuck yes , i 'll definatually fuck these to guys to sleep . i believe if it's still hard we are not through that my dream...............................................…

Fantasy about Double R submitted by A from London-UK

DawgPound PornStar Double Ri think i l... Him

Fantasy about Lance submitted by c from brooklyn

Now that Lex has shown how well he gives & takes dick, he and Lance flip-flopping would be HOTT! Love to see Lex handle that "juicy" ass he bragged about and would love to see Lance eat Lex's sweet hole!!

Fantasy about Tyson submitted by Demetraz from Jeff Cyit

my fantasy is for me and tyson to be gettin it in. I want him to be dressed up as a vampire and for him to be suckin on my neck trying to get my blood. then somehow i overpower and and put is dick in my ass then start riding him like theres no tomorrow. the sex is gona b sooo gud that we gona be making up our own positions. i mean he gona be fuckin me so hard and rough that i wouldnt be able to walk for months. whew im getn hot and a hard on jus writing this story.

Fantasy about Romance submitted by michael from macon

DawgPound PornStar Romanceafter all the talk i was talking about what i was gonna do to romance he shows up at my door but not along souja and 4play is with him. they didn't say a word just come in close the door then start undressing in front of me i say hey man you must not know me because i simply love that freaky shit. next thing i knew i was down on my knees unzipping romance pants with the other hand fondling 4play before the night was over i did more dick sucking ass eatin' and fucking than humanly allow .they slept in after that i was up bright and early they had made my day. when they findly woke up all three of them said would have to up their game next time you will come to us you have home field advantage here. i said baby i just know how to really fuck a man to sleep that all and i takes it serious they all laugh romance kiss me good bye and said he love me souja and 4play was kinda mad because i fuck all three of them like it was no tomorrow and would happy do it again.

Fantasy about Romance submitted by michael from macon

DawgPound PornStar Romancei just love me some romance that dick of his just screaming for attention. i would love to ride that big stick til he past out. he's the only model on your site that i you take it easy on the rest i gurantee i will wear their backs out. this coming from a power bottom that into all the freaky shit. i believe if my man still awake after i fuck him i'm not doing my job. i think there should be more kissing,ass grabing and finger fucking that shit is hot. these guys need a lesson in turning a brother out from me all of them that why me and my boyfriend broke up he couldn't handle me and said i was to dam freaky for him. i just wannt to see if romance can live up to his name....…

Fantasy about Suicide submitted by John from Washington,D.C.

DawgPound PornStar SuicideHere's and idea for you guys..Suicide and Curt Dawg are playin bball while they are out somebody breaks into the studio and tries to steal their cellphones and money out of their pants pockets,well Suicide forgets something and he and Curt come back only to see the robber going through their stuff, they both jump the guy and a while Curt has the dude in a head lock Suicide checks him out to see that he has a nice ass,he tells the guy you want to take our shit,yo well here is what we are gonna do with u and he turns the lights off, you hear fighting sounds for about 10minutes then the lights come up and the robber's clothes have been torn off;except the mask and he is hanging upside down;off of a couch, with Suicide forcefeeding him his dick and Curt sitting underneath the robber eating his asshole and holding the robber's hands so that he cannot get loose, the rest writes itself( this idea was taken from The Batman TV show with adam west;just look under "The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra" its when batman had to fight the bad guys in the dark.

Fantasy about Romance submitted by michael from Macon

DawgPound PornStar Romancei just want him to be my body guard when i travel out of town .we meet up on the plane. he sits next to me i tell him where we are going then fall asleep .he takes off his coat place it between us then start fondling my ass . i wake up he got his finger up my ass finger fucking me .he ask me how that feels and tell me he been wanting to fuck me .i tell him you know i'm a freak in the bedroom and i love a big dick and that me and my boyfriend had broken up last month. he say cool. i tell him to meet me in the bathroom. soon as he makes it to the bath my mouth is all over his stick he starts moaning because i go to work when i suck dick i mean i love it .while i'm sucking his dick i caress his balls in my hands then start licking and sucking them he tells me to turn around so he could eat my ass i say not now please let me sit on it .he sat on the seat i climb on top of him and rode him like a four wheeler all the time his toes are curling up. he let out a great moan shot his load and fell asleep i got off him kiss him then went back to my seat.he woke up about one hour later saying okay you put it on me next time its me in control i'm gonna do to you what you did to me i had to tell him i'm totally bottom and you got to have a strong back to be with me that why me and my boyfriend broke up. he said wait til i get you back in your hotel room .....to be continued............…

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by Dave from London

DawgPound PornStar SouljaIT"LL BE EXTREMELY HOT TO SEE SOULJA DO A VERSATILE SCENE ON DPUSA. I NOTE THAT PAPITHUGZ IS SHOWING LEX IN HIS VERSATILE DEBUT WITH THE FOLLOWING HEADLINE :- A Papithugz Lextacular. Lex is back in his versatile debut on our site with buff Phat Daddy and muscle bottom Miguel Lee. Lex says, "Real Niggas Know How to Take Dick" and we couldn't agree more. I SO FULLY AGREE WITH LEX"s COMMENT AS IT IS MOST APPLICABLE TOO FOR A SOULJA VERSATILE DEBUT ON DPUSA.

Fantasy about Seduction submitted by k from atlanta

WOW hot body and can take a dick. love it love the ass. I would hit that ass in every position possible.

Fantasy about Cornbread submitted by J.R from Alexandria

DawgPound PornStar CornbreadIt all startes off on a rainy night all the power went out on the whole block, and lucky for me i was a fan a candles. I lit candles all around my room, i could smell the sweet smell of the vanilla aroma coming from the candles and it turned me on. Not to mention i love the smell and sound of the rain....I love water I like to get wet. It was raining on a hot summer night, all the windows were open....sheets pulled back. Its been a minute since Ive had the touch of a man, and i was at the point were touching myself just didnt cut it. Sense it was hot i had no other choice but to sleep naked.....but i just couldnt fall asleep my body was yearning from the touch of a man. I could here something from outside my beach house but i didnt think nothing of it since it was raining and i live in a safe neighborhood. Then i saw him...i was frightened at first but i felt safe.....he got closer to me soaking wet....as i tried to speak he just put his finger to my lips and quietly said shhhh....dont speak. So i did what he said. Even though i didnt know who he was and i was very shy, i let him take complete control over me and my body. It started kissing my neck i could feel drops of he wet shirt dripping onto my hot body. He slowly started going down from my neck to my nipples then down to my belly button....by then all i wanted to do was pounce on him. I slowly pulled at his shirt hinting it was time for him to get naked. He came to my lips and kissed me, his lips were so soft. I lifted his shirt over his head. I motioned his body to were i was on top and he was on the bottom....The moon was peeking thru the windows so good i could see his sexy face and his sexy body. I kissed his body and slowly made my way to his belly button. I unbuckled his pants, in my mind i new i was about to go to work. I got his pants of and his underwear....MY eyes widened from the view i was looking at. I put my lips around the head of his dick, damn it tasted so good. I wrapped my tongue around the head as i slowly put it in my warm mouth. I no hoe but i know how to please a man and very well i mite say. I put his dick all the way in my mouth until it hit the back of my throat.... I could here him slowly starting to moan, and that only made me suck a little bit harder. As i started to go to work i could feel him tensing up as i started going faster. I started pulling out every trick i knew until he whispered my two favorite words...."Oh shit".....i started to slowed down....he says why you stop....I tell him....I've showed you i know how to suck dick, now let me show you i know how to ride. I grin came around his face......I was so wet you would have though i had a pussy, I gave him a condom...as i started to get on top he leaned up....not to stop me, not to change positions...but he told me he wanted to hold me while i rode him. He pulled me so close to him so there was no space in-between us.....the warmth from his hands on my back made me feel so comfortable his dick just slipped in. As i went up in down I couldnt help but let out a couple of fuck and oh shits.....He kissed me so passionately i could help but speed up. By then it started raining so hard....so what better thing to do then fuck harder. Without taking it on he put me on my back and my legs over his shoulders and went to work. He started pounded me....it seemed the more i moaned the harder and faster he went.....i could help but start yelling fuck me. He turned me over grabbed my neck and stared fucking me so good. He started smacking my ass damn that dick felt so good. The bed was shaking so hard i thought was going to break. He was fuckin me so good my knees gave out then he really started diggin in me he was yelling fuck and i was yellin Oh shit....it was raining Im sure the neighbors would have called the cops or peeking in the window. We fucked all night.....switched up the positions but at this point i was ready to bust....he put my on my back again started fucking me hard and fast i was about to bust and so was he...i started cumin everywhere he pulled out and let his load all over me.....it was so messy...i was so worn out....i feel asleep in his arms....when i woke up he was gone and on my nightstand he wrote....... "till we meet again"...

Fantasy about Romance submitted by michael from macon

DawgPound PornStar Romanceto see my baby romance,curt dawg,panther and felony go at it each doing each other ,then i come in romance and curt dawg start working on me . then i wake -up with romance deep in side me pinching my nipples with every stroke .....…

Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by michael from macon

DawgPound PornStar Curt Dawg aka Mr. Xyou must put romance and obsession and curt dawg in a 3 way flip flop please .just thinking about these 3 guys makes me cum in my shorts . i don't even have to touch myself.just thinking about romance gets me off .i'm addict to him......…

Fantasy about Romance submitted by michael from macon

DawgPound PornStar Romancejust can't thinking about him .wish he was right next to me just want to kiss and suck every part of his body.then let him do what he want and how he want to me...i can really see myself really letting the freak out of me ...…

Fantasy about Treshawn submitted by george from London

DawgPound PornStar TreshawnHot viideo with Shorty J. But when when you going to show Treshawn being versatile ? Which so many want to see on DPUSA.

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by Panther from Houston

DawgPound PornStar PipeI love the way Pipe digs DEEP. He aims to please. Picture this. I'm at home watchin TV and the door bell rings. When I answer the door, its a sexy electricity salesman (Pipe) pitching a sale to me. Now the sale is bullshit, but look at this bomb ass dude at my doorstep lookin good in his uniform. So I invite him inside to sign me up. Now electricity salesmen only get paid by commission, so if I dont sign he dont get paid. That means he gotta REALLY convince me to sign up for some bullshit like 15 kWh. So I start telling him Im not interested in the business. He asks me "What do I have to do to convince you?" I think about it and tell him that "I dont think you have what Im looking for to convince me." Pipe stands up and pulls that big ass dick out and grab my hand to make me touch it. Then I give him a 7 minute head job. Pipe pulls his shirt off bearing that bomb ass body. I suck his dick some more. Then he pulls my pants down bearing my big ass booty (its big as hell). He grabs it while I'm suckin his dick. Then he decides to eat my ass while Im layin on my stomach. Now he's stuffin all that pipe in my ass doggy style. Now he's power fuckin me hard as hell untill I lay back on my stomach. Now Pipe has layed all the way down on my back, put his arm around my neck and hes other arm around my waist, and digging DEEP and hard as he can. Now at this point Im moanin loud. Then he goes evnen harder and deeper like he tryin to stab me lol. Then we keep that tight grip and roll all the way over on his back and hes arms still around me, trappin me, and fuckin the SHIT out of me. Now we roll back to me layin on my stomach with Pipe grindin slow but deep as he can. He then pulls out and cum all over my cheeks. I sign the papers and its a done deal.

Fantasy about Sharp submitted by DA from 804


Fantasy about SlimThug from Boston

It was a HOT nite in DR I was @ this str8 club & I looked 2 rite there he was Jovonnie who looked caliente as ever! He noticed my eyes wishin his dik. He came close but I had 2 make first move so I did sayin he was good @ all he did! We ended up going 2 chil @ my hotel 2 "chil". When there & a few extra drinks I was hornier and ready 4 wateva. He knew he could have his way! So he touched & massaged my ass cheeks and then fingered me til he knew my hole was ready but he wasnt! He put his inches on my face so them could b handled! After deepthroatin and slappin my face wit them inches he tried 2 turn me ova but I was 2 tied so no dice! So I went 2 take quick shower and tha wasnt the end of it! On the way I took detour 2 kitchen & sipped some e&j shots. While in shower j came in and grabbed my head so he could stik it all in again! then not really knowin wat was goin on he grabbed me turned me around raised my left foot & ate tha hole like eva! Then witout feelin it my hole was been fukd makin me feel so good & whil also kissin me @ same time was tha shit! Took long fukin b4 his hot cum was felt by my face! I went & laid on bed stil naked so did he. As usual as insatiable as I am I tried 2 get me more & more! He did doggy, missionary, side, against walls, standin & few I cant rememba, lol! But again no dice I cant b satisfied! So when I tried 2 have him keep up wit me he was out! But he called a few bros : Venom, SexcyOne, Ty Woods & Pipe! All went well @ greetin time & drink & all tha chillin shit! but when it came 2 sex them all abused & did all their moves satisfyin my ass & mouth & hands & hole but stil I needed more so after them all were sleepin & high & shit I heard the door knock! I said fuk it & opened it! There stood Slim Thug whom I never seen b4 but looked refreshin 4 tha drought! Slim was polite askin my boys here! I said r them any of them tha cant give no more ova there, smilin! He walked in looked & laugh sayin yep thas them! I closed door behind him & asked if he wana a drink or tha such & he said wat he got in2 & got it! We sat on couch away from them all & he did his gettin happy shit! Afta he asked me wat had happened 2 his buds so I said them victims of an insatiable bro who stil standin lookin @ him! He looked & smiled on a way tha made me quiver cos I felt we were 1 & he could be my match! I was naked when he walked in but I had put on boxers so he asked me why I done tha if I had a nice desireable ass! I said I didnt kno nottin about him & rather keep it tha way! He asked if I liked gettin controlled dominated and shit & I felt intimidated cos ques aroused me! I replied I enjoy the game of findin out shit cos is more enjoyable then! Slim had not much more 2 say cos by then he was feelin good enough 2 act up & do his shit! He got close 2 me whil I moved away askin u like a real brotha 2 make shit happen anyway he wana uhh? Then pressed them slips against mine kissin like we all wana whil grabbin my throat hard yet gentle enough 2 assure full control! Since this is my player rite there I could just surrender 2 the moves put up on me from there on! Slim was prob hard by then or did he get hard so fast? Slim afta a few mins reached his crotch & the sweats came down & from side I saw a dik unique 2 my eyes! He stopped kissin me & sensually put 1 then 2 then 3 fingers in my mouth while wit otha hand playin wit them inches. Not long afta Slim took his big dik close 2 my mouth puttin them inches next 2 his fingers. I was enjoyin this shit so much tha Slim was so good b4 I realized his dik was down my throat all in fukin my mouth. I had 2 cut shit up cos I had 2 use bathroom! So as I was peein Slim came from behind & grabbed my ass cheeks nice though hard whil kissin my neck so good! Whil kissin on my neck soon afta his dik was rubbin up against my hole as if it wanted 2 come in! I stopped tha & got in shower ( so I could b refreshed 4 wateva was cummin next! lol ) Slim also came in & witout warnin grabbed my head & put them inches all deep inside my mouth tha my throat was so happy! then he turned me around & fingered my hole but suddenly the fingers got wider so thas when I felt tha there were no fingers but his big dik was openin up my hole really good, really unique! I never felt tha dik goin in so he must b real good! I took it right foot up, left foot up, standin doggie & standin missionary whil kissin! Slim busted a couple while @ it so wit my experience I really thought tha mite have been the end but man was I in 4 a surprise! I got out tub went 2 couch & sat there then he came out sayin look 2 c if is rainin or shit I said wait a min. Slim got loader sayin I said now bro! opened my eyes looked @ him noticed he meant bis so I bend ova 2 look! B4 I was ready 2 turn my head 2 say wat was happenin outside I felt a dik rippin up hurryin in deep hittin my prost! I could only cry wit pleazure! Slim grabbed my waist wit 1 hand & my head down wit tha otha & fuked my ass til I noticed he came 2 more times! Slim then went 2 get anotha drink & shit whil I laid on sofa sittin waitin 4 wat would happen next! not much happened afta except I noticed Slim stil awake & hard! I went on my knees & started sukin on his dik deep throtin & all tha good shit! I beg Slim if he could keep goin more & he said hell yea! So I said Im ready 4 ur punishment SIR! Slim said I b rite wit u BOI! I dont rememba wat happened next sexually cos I went 2 get me more chiln shit & went blank! ( Or did I passed out! lol )But next few weeks my hole felt so good tha anotha nite like it could have only b a DREAM!!! Enjoy!

Fantasy about 4Play submitted by oreo from sylmar

See two black men fuck each other .while im waching tuching my anal

Fantasy about Cornbread submitted by lamer from baltimore

DawgPound PornStar CornbreadI REALLY IDK.. BUT I WILL START IT OFF WIT.. Cornbread and myself took a private trip to Rome... On the way we both feeling very horney...He ask me to suck his hard Dick... While he playing wit my phat soft ass....I`m getting wet and i ask hime to fuck me... He bent me ova the airplane seat and began to long dick stroke me.... The he turned me ova and i began to ride his hard dick.I`m bouncing up and down,while i`m stroking my dick. Right be for he climax he told me to get on my knees and i did.And thats when he bust in my mouth,and all ova my face....And thats what u call First class..

Fantasy about King submitted by Zurich from New York

DawgPound PornStar KingWould love to meet King On the corner of 6th avenue and 56th street take him back to my apartment and get in the pool for a midnight swim. when we are done have a nice bottle of wine with a fat blunt and kiss him from head to toe. then massage his body invite him into my bedroom and make love until we both fall asleep in each others arms. real talk pa. he is the best you have on DPU

Fantasy about Vicous submitted by reginald from lake providence, la

My fantasy is for him to show up to my door with nothing but a trench coat on ready for me to suck his dick. Then we go to my bedroom and fuck til he get tired. Rest a little and fuck in everyroom of the house in all kinds of positions even one that i have made up.

Fantasy about Venom submitted by MO

DawgPound PornStar VenomGreat body , beautiful face , sweet ass , big dick : what can anyone ask's for more ?!

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by Dave from London

DawgPound PornStar SouljaAs a member I really like and appreciate the great new DPUSA site look impovements and especiallly the HD !! But it would have been so hot and appropiate if the launch of the site's hot new look and HD videos could also have coincided with the first versatile scene of the so phyne dude Soulja. Am hoping that can soon happen as it will be so damn hot. LOL. Dave

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by MUHAMMAD

DawgPound PornStar SouljaYou are one of the very FEW who put's a line between men and boys but the ONLY one whom I want to watch from the front and behinde while fucking !

Fantasy about Warhammer submitted by MUHAMMAD

Just tell me MAN , how can I get you in my bed ? Or it's gonna be only a FANTASY , , forever ? ! .

Fantasy about Raw submitted by Chris from Cleveland, ohio

DawgPound PornStar Rawthis dude is eveything i love about gay black me, when the definition of gay black man come to mine, it is he that represents what a gay black man is, sensual, mitreious, masculine, my fantasy is to meet him, see him naked, and go from there, but this is a question; why ask if you cannot facilitate it? anyway I have been a fan of dawgpoundusa, for awhile, this dude just keeps sticking out in more ways the one, so this is my fantacy so could you hook a brother up; If not I'll keep watching him!

Fantasy about Treshawn submitted by mike from washington, dc

DawgPound PornStar Treshawnyo, treshawn and tower r my two new favorites on dis site 4real... full package ... and they know how to kiss and use their tongue... that shit is so hot and wicked…

Fantasy about Neo submitted by shawn from nyc

please bring back neo. i would love to see another movie with him and berlin or slim thug again or any big dick muscle top for that matter. i want to see my boy murder these dicks. he always looks like he enjoys getting smashed. pair him up in a all top movie where he just takes dick from beginning to end. give us what we want

Fantasy about Alejandro submitted by Cameron from Oxon Hill

My fantasy is get fucked by Alejandro out in the public while being watch by people passing

Fantasy about Cornbread submitted by Raymond from detroit

DawgPound PornStar Cornbreadhe so sexy ii wanna 69 with him and we do each other

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