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Fantasy about King submitted by Eric from Columbus

DawgPound PornStar KingWould Love to King get his salad tossed. Love to see someone freak that ass of his, first eating it real good, then going up in him and hearing him moan for more.

Fantasy about Venom submitted by ANTONIO from Phila

DawgPound PornStar VenomI'M TEACHING A NIGHT CLASS WITH ABOUT 10 STUDENTS AND VENOM IS ONE OF MY STUDENTS, DURING MY LESSON/LECTURE WE KEEP MAKING EYE CONTACT AND HE KEEPS LICKING HIS LIPS AS IF HE IS LLCOOLJ. I CANT TAKE MY EYES OFF OF HIM AND MY DICK STARTS TO GET HARD. UPON COMPLETION OF MY LESSON I TELL THE CLASS THEY CAN LEAVE EARLY BECAUSE I WASN'T FEELING WELL. THE CLASS LEAVES AND I WAS HOPING THAT VENOM WOULD HANG AROUND BUT HE WAS LIKE THE 5T PERSON TO LEAVE THE ROOM. ONCE EMPTY I GATHER MY BAG AN PROCEEDED TOWARDS THE DOOR, I TURNED OFF THE LIGHT AND FELT A HAND AGAINST MY CHEST PUSHING ME BACK INTO THE DARK ROOM. I YELL WHAT THE FUCK AS I HEARD A VOICE SSHHH ME AND CLOSED THE DOOR BEHIND THEM. THE PERPETRATOR DROPPED TO HIS KNEES AND BEGUN RUBBING HIS FACE ON MY SEMI - HARD DICK THROUGH MY DRESS SLACKS , I WASNT SURE BUT I FELT IT WAS MY STUDENT. I felt his hand reach for my zipper and i wanted to stop him but i couldn't he was to fast before i know it he swallowed me whole - i got rockhard as he started gagging himself. this went on for forever as i felt my nut building i stopped him and said i wanna be in you, he jumped up reached in his pocket a pulled out a condom and slide it on me before i knew it he was out of his clothes and bent over my desk. i eat him on his chocolate ass just to hear him moan and licked his hole until it was nice and wet, once it was ready i stood behind him and enter him like a wild mad man just out of jail, he jumped and said take it slow, i couldn't hold back my lust for this young man, and he moan so loud it turned me on even more before i knew it i was cumming ,i pulled out of him and shoot all over his face, he smiled and said my turn with an evil grind, he stood up and motioned me to kneel, as i went down, i got scared as his dick was twice the size of mine and bigger than any i have ever had, i begin to kiss it suck it and worship it, he began to moan and grow in my mouth until i was choking, he pulled it out and bent me over my desk, i felt his finger in my hole and i screamed as the pain was unbearable, he was like are you alright, i said sure trying to conceal the fact that i was still a virgin . he wet his finger and proceeded to finger fuck me saying this shit it tight, i yelled its been a while. he wrapped it up and and entered me slowly , it took everything not to scream, you could hear him ripping ass with each thrust i could barely breath with each stroke. He just got deeper in me and i got excited all over again as the pain turned into pleasure, i could feel his head growing inside me as he was about to cum - wanted to him explode on my face but i was to tight and it felt to good to him so he busted inside me like a wild man ripping me a new asshole .

Fantasy about Slate submitted by Wale from Los Angeles

I wanna eat his ass ALL NIGHT LOOOONGGGG! Nd eat his cum for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner!!!!! I wanna suck on his dick til it shrivles up. I wanna kiss him like there is no Tommorow. Fuck he is just too SEXXXYYYYY!!!!!!

Fantasy about Angyl Valantino with Phat Daddy submitted by marko from atlanta

   DawgPound PornStar can you guys make Phat Daddy and his brother King Dingo double team Angyl Valantino. that would be a hot ass scene!!!

Fantasy about Tyson Kobie submitted by Erick from new york

DawgPound PornStar Tyson KobieMy fantasy is to meet Tyson Kobie through a mutual friend at a birthday party or something like that. as the party progresses we begin to have our own conversation and find out that we have the same interest. Near the end of the party I mention I have to leave cause I gotta get up and take my grandmother to church in the morning. He shows interest that I go to church and ask what the name of the the church is, I tell him and on the next Sunday he comes and sits next to me. Before the service starts he begins to tell me that his sister is very ill and ask if I can pray for her. As I begin to pray he starts to tear up and begins to cry and places his head on my shoulder. I begin to get nervous cause I dont want no one to see that I'm getting a woody in church. After church he comes to my grandmothers house for some good home cooking and afterwards my grandmmother takes a nap and me and Tyson Kobie begin to go at it.

Fantasy about Angyl Valantino with Phat Daddy submitted by Adam from miami

   DawgPound PornStar I want to see this hot ass bottom get it good form somebody like Phat Daddy,Ace Rockwood,King Dingo,Jovonnie,or "myself",lol. Where is Mr.Valantino anyway? I only seen him on your site once.

Fantasy about Angyl Valantino submitted by Michael from New York

Yo! I want to see more of this hot tatted bottom takin some serious dick.

Fantasy about Suicide submitted by kenneth from houston

DawgPound PornStar SuicideI would love to see more of Pinky now that he has become a Bottom Boy. I think he would be a good bottom to pair with someone like Pyton or even Jovonnie even though they have been paired together before. I think he really loved being Fucked by Jovonnie and it was hot as hell! I would really appreciate it if you can make this happen or at least have him featured more. Another good match would be Soulja and Pinky. What ever the case, i would love to see more of Pinky on your site. I am a long time Member and would love to continue to be a active viewer.

Fantasy about Saint with Thick

DawgPound PornStar SaintWhere in the world is Saint??? He's been gone WAY too long. Please try to bring him back and have him bottom for Thick, Cornbread, Python and Ramon Steele!

Fantasy about Thick with Venom

   DawgPound PornStar I hope you guys have major plans for this young man, bacause I'd love to see him in the "THICK" of things with Venom, Saint, and Romance!!!

Fantasy about Thick with Cornbread and Lil Guy submitted by George

   DawgPound PornStar Lil Guy   DawgPound PornStar Lil GuyWow Thick is a great addition to Dawgpound !!! But instead of releasing two new videos today I would luv to have seen Thick top both Cornbread and Lill Guy, or have a versatile orgy with them. Hopefully we will see more of Thick maybe topping or flipping.

Fantasy about Cornbread with Lil Guy submitted by Dave from London

DawgPound PornStar Cornbread   DawgPound PornStar I'm really pleased to see Cornbread and Lill Guy, two of DP's best performers, in action together. Would be great to see Cornbread being versatile with Lill Guy, as both these hot versatile dudes have great asses and dicks. Thanks, Dave

Fantasy about King submitted by champ

DawgPound PornStar KingHello Dawgpound, just found out that you have a new addition to the site. The "Live Shows" are now added. I came to the site late and notice the new addition; however, it was going off as I came on. I saw King, HotRod and I'm not sure who else. My question to you will you archive these shows so that members will be able to see them in the future or will they never be seen again? It would be nice to see the entire video! Keep up the good work and it is nice that you have added this new feature.

Fantasy about Pinky with Mason submitted by jr from suitland

   DawgPound PornStar i need to see pinky get fucked by mason or python or someone with a big dick! and make sure his socks are off!

Fantasy about Derek Jones with Ian Rock submitted by jr from suitland

   DawgPound PornStar I would love to see him with ian rock, only because he has a big dick!! i need Derek to get fucked by 2 big dicks at the same time!

Fantasy about Venom with Young Buck submitted by Jack from Minneoplis

DawgPound PornStar Venom   DawgPound PornStar I would like to see Venom and Young buck together if there chemistry. We can tell the models are not feeling each other. But, Young buck and takes some dicks.

Fantasy about Python submitted by Tariq from Baltimore

DawgPound PornStar PythonYo check it...My fantasy is that Python visits B-more, MD., I walk up to him to get an autograph and photo, but then he notices my sexy bedroom eyes and have me pass him my celly number! To which then after his work is done, he calls me and have me meet him at his hotel room and I break my neck to get to him! He opens the door and I walk in and he locks the door behind me and turns around and tells me to "suck my dick", and it's already out and I start sucking on his dick to which I have him bussin' dat nut in less than 3 minutes! He says, that's never happened to me before and now I gotta fuck yo ass cause you made me look like a chump and so I must punish you! He fucks me for 2.5 hrs and says to me..hell naw nicca, u ain't going nowhere, u stayn for breakfast, to which my bussy is the main course! And now, he's mine when he comes to bmore!!!

Fantasy about Python

DawgPound PornStar PythonPython is quickly becoming the man-about-town in the porn industry these days. And, I hope he never changes a thing, meaning, he's a total top and he should stay that way! Having said that, I caught his 3way with Rico and Lil Papi. It was hot, but he and Rico should reunite ASAP in a 1-on-1 session. Rico clearly was loving what Python was doing to him. Python should also work his magic on Trap Boyy, Romance, Berlin, Phoenix, Lleo, Smooth, Saint, Scott Alexander and ESPECIALLY Black!!!

Fantasy about Python with Venom

DawgPound PornStar Python   DawgPound PornStar Here's my New Year's wish list for Python aka Mr. Dick: Venom, Sarge, Romance, Pnoenix, Trap Boyy and BigBeef!!!

Fantasy about Python submitted by Charles from Wasington,dc

DawgPound PornStar PythonTo see him make love to a dude not just fuck him like an animal. It would be so hot to see him really into a dude! Dam! It would be hot!

Fantasy about Soulja with Tank and Kapone submitted by CORLEONE from RICHMOND, VA

DawgPound PornStar Soulja   DawgPound PornStar Kapone   DawgPound PornStar KaponeWanna see Soulja and Tank topping some hot ass...maybe Kapone, Miguel Lee, Felony, Rogue or Venom.

Fantasy about Bruno with Soulja submitted by Jay from Atlanta

DawgPound PornStar Bruno   DawgPound PornStar Please bring us back Bruno as he is one of the sexiest versatile performers there is. I'd love to see Bruno flip flop with Soulja, Cornbread or King.

Fantasy about Berlin aka Nubius

DawgPound PornStar Berlin aka NubiusI would love for Berlin [aka Nubius] to return one day to take on Cornbread, King and Ian Rock and flip-flop with Venom. I also want to see him get tag-teamed by the brothers King Dingo and Phat Daddy!!!

Fantasy about King with Python and Soulja

DawgPound PornStar King   DawgPound PornStar Soulja   DawgPound PornStar SouljaKing, Python and Soulja in an all versatile 3-way session with them each getting fucked and flip-flopping will be the greatest way to bring in the New Year and welcome 2011.

Fantasy about Maseo submitted by Frankie from Washington,DC

DawgPound PornStar MaseoI don't know why him but I think because he's the only one I had to take my time and watch some videos. I would like him to treat me as a liltle bitch and to take control of me. I wanna him to tie me in the bed, to do watheva he wanna and then we can play any sexual games.. I wanna him to slap my ass; my French Caraibean ass. I wanna him.... brief I have so many fantasies in my head about him.... Just a night and I am sure he's gonna have me in mind for a long period. Talking is nice but the action is more important.... Just a night.. Me and him, with or without the camera.

Fantasy about King submitted by EricB! from Columbus

DawgPound PornStar KingWaiting to see King give up that pretty phat masculine ass!! Love to see him squat that ass down on someone's face, while they stick their tougue all the way up his ass. Love to see someone like Phython, Aarron Ridge and/or someone with the stature of Scott Alexander fuck his phat ass.

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by John from London

DawgPound PornStar SouljaAm hoping DawgPound will do a New Year orgy party with Soulja, King and Curt Dawg bottoming for the first time and bringing back Scott Alexander and Bruno in versatile roles

Fantasy about 4Play submitted by Hal from CA

he is so hot i wish to see more of him

Fantasy about 4Play submitted by Hal from CA

Fuck he is so hot

Fantasy about Ramon Steele submitted by James from Baltimore

I would love Ramon Steele to show up at my hotel while I am on a business trip and bring me room service

Fantasy about Tyson Kobie submitted by dontavious from montgomery, al

DawgPound PornStar Tyson Kobietyson kobie is one of the finest men y'all got. My fanticy is that tyson kobie would break into my house while I'm in the shower. He peaks in and sees my round jucy ass just ready for him to pound the shit out of. So, after a while he joins me in the shower and forces me to suck his dick and kiss him all over his body. He is very rough with me then he tells me to bend over and he ats my ass like it's his last supper. Then when he feels my ass is just right he enters with his raw dick and fucks me rough and then after a while he picks me up still on his dick facincing twards eachother kissing while he walks me to my bed and he fucks me the even harder than what we were doing in the shower. Just before he starts to nut I want to get off and suck the cum out and swallow it then make out with tyson kobie all night long

Fantasy about SlimThug submitted by david from Baltimore

Best top out there is slimthug. see fa ya self.

Fantasy about Scott Alexander submitted by George

DawgPound PornStar Scott AlexanderA Full Versatile New Years Eve Party video with Scott Alexander, Sarge, Soulja, Treyshawn, Bruno and especially King all fucking and being fucked, will be an awesome great way for DPUSA to welcome in the New Year.

Fantasy about King submitted by Dave from Ft Lauderdale


Fantasy about Iseah submitted by b

he has a good asss.... let jovannie, venom, and slimthug have fun in that hole

Fantasy about King submitted by roger from chicago

DawgPound PornStar KingI think if you guys decide to do a new years club scene this year, you should use following actors King,Sarge,Lil Guy,Romance,Tmalone Saint and Venom, and everyone flip flops and there should be a scene where u can see them all fucking at the same time.

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by Barry from columbus,ms

DawgPound PornStar Sargesarge is so sexy. I would love to see him and king going at it. that would be great to see.

Fantasy about Mason submitted by federico from los angeles

DawgPound PornStar MasonSpend a night with Mason, enjoying his foot-long stick deep inside me, kissing his luscious lips and hugging his hot, lean body. Maybe you can pair him with Obsession.

Fantasy about Raw submitted by Hervé from Paris

DawgPound PornStar RawI hope Santa's gonna bring us soon another vid with Raw as "The Bottom Guy !"

Fantasy about Ramon Steele

I'm LOVING Ramon Steele! He's handsome, hot, hung, and throws a mean fuck!!! And, he loves to kiss, always a plus. Next on his hitlist: Venom, Saint, Phoenix, T-Malone, Shorty J, and ESPECIALLY Romance!!! Did I mention Venom and Romance???

Fantasy about LO submitted by wayne

DawgPound PornStar LOI love Lo i think he represents what i am all about. He is truly manly and he knows how to do his thing, a good all rounder he is like myself. I would like to see him fuck flip flop with either treshaw, Rogue or King.

Fantasy about Venom submitted by Bob from atlanta

DawgPound PornStar Venommy fantasy is to have venom and hotrod playing basketball. call it "above the rim". both are excellent rimmers. it would be fantastic to see them take turns laying on their back stroking their long fat dicks while the other one is licking and tongue fucking his asshole. once they are both throughly wet with tongue juice, they take turns fucking each other in every position possible. then a mutual climax on each others chest, followed by grinding against each other as they kiss and deep throat each other's tongues.

Fantasy about King submitted by jay from NYC

DawgPound PornStar KingYou have got to put king, Phyton, Scott, soulja, , raw, BeRlin,SARGE and cJ IN A CLIP TOGETHER. eVERYONE GETS fucked!!! kING NEEDS TO SHOW HIS VERS SIDE AGAIN LIKE HE DID IN HIS FIRST VIDEO WITH JOVONNIE AND ROMANCE

Fantasy about Markell

DawgPound PornStar MarkellMarkell is a fabulous addition to DPU. He's never looked hotter! You should bring him back ASAP and have him bottom for King and Python, or flip-flop with Sarge and Saint!

Fantasy about LO submitted by wayne

DawgPound PornStar LOI would like to see Lo and Treshawn getting down Flip flop style.

Fantasy about Young Buck submitted by Brad from Miami

DawgPound PornStar Young BuckNo one better to break in Young Buck in his bottom debute than Slim Thug. Man Slim Thug truly worked that nice tight masculine booty. bursted about 5 these looking at the shit.

Fantasy about Bruno submitted by Hervé from Paris

DawgPound PornStar BrunoMy fantasy is simple ! I'd like to see Bruno more often !!!!!!!

Fantasy about Miguel Lee submitted by John from Worldwide

DawgPound PornStar Miguel LeeThis is guy is the hottest bottom on here - sexy as f***....he alone is my fantasy...keep it sexy Mig

Fantasy about Maseo submitted by lob from Houston Tx

DawgPound PornStar MaseoDude i thought you were all that before BUT your scene with Venom took you to high heights in my opinion! that was the frigging epiosode of 2010!!! Now a scene with phyne boi MASON , a flip scene will be a contender for GOAT.

Fantasy about Tyson Kobie submitted by philip from Botswana Southern Africa

DawgPound PornStar Tyson Kobiethis boi is cute and clean, i have never eaten ass before but i am willing to eat this beauty's ass up. i wish i was part of the dogspoundusa crew and i would act with tyson kobie and bottomed for me. anyway since this is far fetched i would like to see him digged by some monster dick

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