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Fantasy about submitted by Tee

king, alejandro and lo -- all versatile all licking ass, showing the bootyhole constantly of all of them before and after bein banged out!!! maybe add cornbread too

Fantasy about Berlin aka Nubius

DawgPound PornStar Berlin aka NubiusStill wainting on you to return to DPU and hook up with Ian Rock! But, I also want to see you give it up to Treshawn Valentino and Python!

Fantasy about Boi Pusee submitted by NASIR from Washington D.C. (Dick City)

I meet ya boy (Boi Pusee) in a club & get that nigga on the dance floor, grind all up on that PHAT ASS of his and slide my hands in his pants. I would feel all up on that ass, slip my finger in that hole and get that nigga WET... Hold him tight as shyt so he could feel my dick getting HARD on his ass.. Lead that nigga off that dance floor, find a a space between the speakers or off in the cut.. stick my finger in my mouth to get it REALLY WET & STICK IT IN HIS ASS.. OPEN that ASS UP making that nigga MOAN & want my dick. Bend that ass over and slide my dick all up in that BOIPUSEE, not caring about who's looking or what's going on around us.. just stroking that BOIPUSEE till I feel like I'm about to nut.. Whisper in his ear "WHERE U WANT IT", WHERE U WANT THAT NUTT"... The music is so loud in the club I can't hear his answer so I PLUNGE FURTHER & HARDER up in his ass... DAMN his ass is so TIGHT & WET, if I closed my eyes I'd think I was fucking my girl for a minute..SMOOTH body, cute lil frame.. AWWW I'M CUMMIN, AWW THIS SHYT IS GOOD, DAMN I don't wanna stop stroking but I can't help it...AWWWWW SHYT HERE I CUM, FUCK I aint taking it out, YEAH..YEAH HERE I CUM!!!!!! SKEET...SKEET & I wake up sweaty, HARD & to my surprise nutt all over the sheets.. DAMN it was just a dream, I must of fallen asleep after watching Boipusee in 3sum Fukin... HOT SHYT & A MUST SEE!!!!

Fantasy about Cornbread submitted by Mr. from houston

DawgPound PornStar Cornbreadbaby boi is so fine. i wanna taste his lips. i want him to pick me up and put against the wall and bang my guts in.i wanna feel his muscles pulse while he grunts and groans from beating my back in and sweat dripping all over me. i wanna taste that creamy white stuff when shoots it all over my face. then i want to feel them lips around my dick and i want to finger that ass and taste them sweet ass juices.then i wanna beat his back in while i play in his hair.i wanna nut on his hole and eat that ass while that nut is dripping

Fantasy about CJ submitted by jay from Philadelphia

I would love to see sexy top big dick Chance in nothing but a small jockstrap. I would suck his nipples, eat his nice round ass out, as well as suck that big dick till he bust. The dude is sexy hot, a excellent top performer. I would love to see him wear out fat booties Saint, Romance. DPUSA bring this sexy hot CHANCE BACK realsoon.

Fantasy about Angyl Valantino

Bring him back with the old so sexy King!.....I wanna see king tag that ass.…

Fantasy about Tyson Kobie submitted by caesar from lakeland

DawgPound PornStar Tyson Kobiei would love to be fuck and suck five of the dawgpound crew taking it in every way even two at a time in my ass and sucking off another then i would fuck one while the other fuck me

Fantasy about Tyson Kobie submitted by Carl from Detroit

DawgPound PornStar Tyson KobieI'm at home waiting for my sushi take out order to be delivered to my door. In the misdt if waiting,im very mellow drinking wine, and listening to "quiet time" music. As i looked up the doorbell rang.. My sushi was here :) I opened the door and I seen this fine, buff, caramel brother with a huge smile. My heart melted. I dropped the sushi, and grabbed him by the shirt and began kissing him. As we kissed he grabbed my fat ass, and i worshipped his body head to toe. We then trampled into my living room, as I began to suck his dick, he stuck his fat finger in my tight ass. I moaned like crazy, and he said, "you like that" "Yeah daddy" i replied, he then began to eat my ass, as I sucked the hell out of his dick. He then got on top of me, and oozed daddy dick into me. My mind began to race,I look him in the eyes, as he slowly strokes back and forth, i was on cloud 9 :) Tyson worked the hell out of me, and had me up trying new things all night....Before he left, I assured him that I want more ;O)

Fantasy about King submitted by Jaimann from baltimore

DawgPound PornStar KingALL DA KING'S MEN--please hit me up wit ur TESTOSTERONE-MEN, King,L-man, Sarge,Cornbread,Souldier all @once on each other. This would be da bomb. Touchin,suckin and fucking DAYAM BRUH. SHOT DAT CUMMMMMMM!

Fantasy about LO submitted by Van

DawgPound PornStar LOLo has come a long way since his earlier appearances with the ThugSeduction crew. I'm loving his almost effortless transition from top dawg to versatile playa, and his scenes with fan favorites like Alejandro, Romance, Jovonnie, and Venom are some of the hottest on this site. The latest joint where Chance fucked the nut outta him was a scorcher, instantly worthy of cult-classic status. His only clunker (relatively speaking) was the scene with Soulja (great model but he needs to bottom already!), Envy and Slimthug. I would love to see him paired with Moyea (w/ Lo topping), Treshawn (flip-flop), Panther (w/ Lo topping), and a repeat with Soulja only (flip-flop). Toss newcomer Mason into any of these combos and you'll have another guaranteed instant classic on your hands.

Fantasy about Mason submitted by jason from Grand Rapids, MI

DawgPound PornStar Masonman I would love for Mason to cum in my mouth and piss down my throat

Fantasy about Brick submitted by godfrey from Nassau Bahamas


Fantasy about 13 submitted by la'don from Indiana

To fuck jovonne an suck his big dick an eat that ass out

Fantasy about SlimThug submitted by jaimann from baltimore

YO SLIM: give ya boi ROMANCE some THUG-DICK. ROMANCE his ass to da MAX. Put da fire out wit a TESTOSTERONE drillin' . It's time.

Fantasy about Bigg Beef submitted by RASHAWN from NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK

DawgPound PornStar Bigg Beefi just want to suck his dick on the middel of a foot ball field wil tthe lights just beeming down on us wile he hiting it from the back!!!!

Fantasy about Pinky submitted by james from new york

Put Pinky in a scene with Mason.I would love to see Mason fuck Pinky

Fantasy about Pinky from new york

I would like to see pinky in a one on one with the new fellow frompapithugz name Chance.I would love to see Pinky get fuck by this dude

Fantasy about Tyson Kobie submitted by lucius from new york

DawgPound PornStar Tyson Kobieto see tyson kobie cock sucked.

Fantasy about Treshawn submitted by mark from dc

DawgPound PornStar Treshawntreshawn and tower kissing and fucking... blaze, treshawn and tower in a threesome…

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by Onyx from Baton Rouge

DawgPound PornStar SouljaThere was a hell of a lot of chemistry between Soulja and Tower. My Fantasy is Soulja, Tower, and Berlin playng strip poker when you runout of clothes and you lose, you have to perform a sex act, at the request of the winner, and everybody has to suck dick and get fucked!!!

Fantasy about Jovonnie submitted by Mike from Dallas

DawgPound PornStar JovonnieI want jovonnie and city boi to double dick me till I can't take no mo.

Fantasy about Blood submitted by George from Atlanta

Whoohhh...... What a hot dude Blood is !!!!!!! It be so damn hot if he can top King soon as that will be one hella scene.

Fantasy about Sarge

DawgPound PornStar SargeSarge's scene with Cornbread was BEYOND hot! Not just because they showed their versatility, but, because Sarge finally got his revenge on Cornbread's ass! LOVE IT!!!

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by slave steve from Los Angeles

DawgPound PornStar SargeThis fantasy applies to any and all muscled black alpha male Masters. I am a cum hungry black cock addict. I believe black men are the only true men and deserve to own, strip, cage, humiliate and use slaves like me, making sure to unleash all your anger for historic slavery and racism on your own personal slave

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by Dave from Atlanta

DawgPound PornStar SargeAm so pleased that Sarge is now performing for Dawgpound and his great flip-flop scene with Cornbread is danm hot. It really is good when such hot muscle performers fip flop together. I can't wait to see King and Soulja peform in versatile action with Sarge and Cornbread.

Fantasy about King submitted by John from Longview, TX

DawgPound PornStar KingKing was supposed to be to our meeting place about an hour ago, but he showed up late, probably fucking another guy's tight ass. I met him online in one of the chat lines, and he saw my PHAT ass and said he wanted to dig me out. So I said, Hell yeah, especially after I saw his pics. When he finally got to the meeting spot which was not too far from a motel, he was driving an SUV, something big for a big man like him, and he got out with his shirt off and some basketball shorts, and a raging hard on. Traffic was kinda light that evening as we had agreed to meet outside the hotel lobby. He came up to me and said "Damn shorty I was out with my boys hoopin, but shit lets get this shit goin. I said, hell yeah, so as we go up to the hotel room which was already reserved by me. He started to feel on my ass and I said, "Damn, you already on it. He said, hell yeah, Nigga stay hard. I said damn, thats whats up. So then we finally get up to the room, slide the key into the door and he was like damn, nigga take that shit off, im ready for you suck this shit. So while he was in his basketball shorts, he didnt have on no draws, I started to reach down and grab his 13 inch dick and sucked him very good, and he said damn nigga i aint never got to put my hand behind a nigga head, but you is a pro at this shit, my mouth was gagging and dry as I took every inch of him inside. Then all of a sudden he started feeling on my ass with his heavy fingers, and picked me up off the floor, got on top on top of the bed, pulled his basketball shorts down to his knees, got out a Magnum XL condom put it on, and said, damn my nigga that shit is tight, and he started to get in, but i said, OH DAMN that shit hurt, so then he said turn the fuck over then. I said, OOOOOOKAY, so when i turned over, his tongue went straight into my ass and he started goin to work on my booty with his tongue, then he said, aight lil nigga turn your ass over, i said, Oookay, then he pulled his big ass dick on top of my chest and went down to me below my belly button and massaged me with his tongue then all of a sudden I felt a massive piece of manhood pulling up inside of me. I grabbed his muscular back and PHAT BOOTY as he pushed more of it inside of me, my legs was well above his neck as he pushed deeper and deeper. OHHHHHHHHHH is all i could say, and then he bent down to my neck and started lickin and kissing me, i said, OHHHHHH SHIT, then he started pumping me harder. The harder he pumped, the more of his muscular booty i grabbed, then all of a sudden while he was deep penetrating me, he said Im about to nut, but i dont want to pull out, the condom was still on, and while he was inside of me, he grabbed me tightly and said damn, boy, here it comes. and he nutted inside the condom while i had my legs up. When he finally did get out of it, he said he did not want to get out of my ass because it was the tightest he ever had and he said he wanted to do it again, it didnt take long for his massive dick to get hard again, and this time he did it doggy style when he did it doggystyle his dick felt longer than it did missionary. Oh he dug me out that evening all the way into the night. WHEW

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by Jamar from Piscataway

DawgPound PornStar SouljaI would love to see Soulja fuck the shit out of Saint's phat ass...that would make a hot clip

Fantasy about Derek Jones submitted by JAY from PHIladelphia

Derek Jones is just too hot. He needs a master top like Jovannie, Souja or Slimthug to handle that hot booty hole. Hey DPUSA keep on using him, pair him with another hottie Romance.

Fantasy about Tyson submitted by Steve from Camden

My fantasy for tyson is for him to actually get down and dirty...and have sex with one of the other guys!!! We always see him by himself..I want to see him either suckin some dick or getting sucked....He's fine..and then all the other guys are hot as hell...so why not give it a try!

Fantasy about Mason submitted by michael from washington d.c

DawgPound PornStar MasonEvery time I look at that body of his and that sexy ass face I get wett. I just want to have his children.

Fantasy about King submitted by Brandon from Compton

DawgPound PornStar KingI would like to invite king over and chillin. I walk out the room and come back in and King is ass naked with his dick hanging... he tells me to come here and get on my knees and shut up and start sucking his dick,I did he grab my head and start fucking my mouth gagging me after sucking his dick he pull my clothing off and push to the back of the sofa he got behind me if I was a horse and he was the jockey he had me in a tight hold and he was fucking the shit out of my ass I was trying to push the dick out but grab me tighter and start fucking hard I could feel his dick head touch the bottom my ass moaning load thats a lot of dick in King start fucking him back wtih this ass is wet so that dick is sliding in and out of this ass I hear that nutt sack slapping this ass load to. grippin that dick tight with this ass he pull out to the head and I use this ass to suck that dick back in yeah daddy using this ass to suck that dick off he pulls out and stroke that dick a few time and he got all his hot nasty nut running down my ass crack

Fantasy about Felony submitted by Brandon from Compton

DawgPound PornStar FelonyFelony is a very handssome man he is so sexi... I would like to be at a party and I am standing at the bar and notice felony standing at the bar waiting to order a drink and I reach down and grab his dick massaging it and start to unzipp his pants and I put my hand in his pants and get his dick hard. I want and go sat in dark area of the party and came felony we talk a second or two then I pull his hard dick out and started to suck on it deep throating it slowly he rubbing my chest and pulling my nipple getting me turned on so I start sucking faster and holding it tighter with my mouth he later do the same back to me I just look down at those pretty ass lips...Yes he's sucking my dick gOOD damn!!! as he fingering my hot ass while he sucking me off he put his dick back in my mouth and then bent me over and he started tongue'n my hot hole suckin it ,kissing it, licking it and he stood up and kicked my leggs apart and he pointed that hard dick toward my wet ass.... he slowly grinding and I could feel the head going and I take a deep breath and relax and I could feel all his dick going inside me and I just grab the chair because he start riding my ass that dick was hurting me some but I wanted it so bad I ask him to fuck my ass harder and deeper and I could feel that slim sexy body hitting mine.... I lay on my back and he open my legg by the tighs then he slides that dick back in the hot ass all I could feel is him fucking me so hard and it feels so good he is dicking me down he pulls out and put that dick back in my mouth I suck that dick so good I could feel it throbbin in my mouth pull out to the head and I sucked that head so good holding it tight between my lips felony worn me his was getting ready to bust.... he bust a nice thick load in my mouth nutt all on my lips and felony using his dick head to rub it all around my lips. n

Fantasy about King submitted by maurice from los angeles

DawgPound PornStar KingI wanna bottom out for this nigga !!! I never did porn but Ide do one with him !!

Fantasy about Tyson Kobie submitted by kaydin from chgo

DawgPound PornStar Tyson Kobiesetting: im home alone bored , when the cleaning crew comes over. i see one of them take his shirt off and whip his face with it . Im sittin back in my chair just thinking to my self , i wonder how big is his dick i laugh out loud . so as i watching him , he sees me lookin and gives me a wink . He approaches the door asking for some water , so i ask him his name , Tyson , but u can callme Kobie. We chit chat for a sec then I say " i want you in me" , he says yes , and from there things get wild , he's kissin me grabbin my ass , forcing me to swalllow every inch of his dick , then he slams me 2 the floor n fucks me so hard i cum all over his chest , then he cums all over mi face , then sticks his dick back n me and fucks for the whole day .

Fantasy about King submitted by Dave from Atlanta

DawgPound PornStar KingGood to see KIng again but his wondrous sexy azz needs attention and hope we can see King take some dick soon.

Fantasy about Tyson Kobie submitted by Lebron from County

DawgPound PornStar Tyson KobieI always had a fetish for men with biq butts such as Tyson Kobie and actors like Will Smith, Brian J. White, and Michael Jai White. There's somethinq about a man with a biq butt and a buff chest that turns me on! My fantasy is to have TysonK to come over and we pop bottles, have him be a lil' tipsy and qet the fuckinq started. Im what you consider a bottom, so I want Tyson on top fuckinq my ass like a champ. But first I want him to pull his dick out then I grip it an then I will suck it qood and so lonq til the point that his head qo dry and he nut within 3 minutes. But thats just the first round. Second round, I want him to start kissinq me, then I bend over and let him qo to work on my ass..(I LOVE IT WHEN A MAN PUT HIS HANDS ALL OVER ME BC IT TURNS ME ON EVEN MORE). Third round, I will lay on my back and have him perform a "bareback attack". Fourth round, we will be in an unpredictable position to point that I can grip and squeeze that hell out of his ass(cheeks) while he's fuckinq the shit out of me! Then last, he bust the last nut. I will let him choose where to nut at but honestly, I perfer my ass! ALL OF THIS ON THE FIRST NIGHT...WOW..JUST WAIT TO THE SECOND TIME COME AROUND, WE WILL BE HITTING THE SHOWERS/TUB AND HE'S IN FOR A REAL TREAT!

Fantasy about Big Redd submitted by Tom from Bronx

DawgPound PornStar Big ReddBig Red attends an upscale office holiday party. His boss gives him a special drink and Big loses all inhibitions. He strips in front of everyone and attendees take turns sucking him off. Big's boss watches until he can't stand it any longer. The Boss strips and wedges himself onto Big's dick. Big Red fucks his boss while the rst opf the office watches!

Fantasy about Bstrong submitted by Jack

Wow Bstrong is hot,hot,hot. But he should have been shown fucking the shit out of Brick's azz as Bstrong's big dick topping Brick be senzational !!!!!!!!

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by Dave from London


Fantasy about King submitted by George from Atlanta

DawgPound PornStar KingWish we can see King and Soulja in a flip-flop, be damn hot....!!!

Fantasy about SlimThug submitted by marvin from baltimore

would like to see SLIM da a HARDCORE INTERVIEW wit ReDICKulous the exotic entertainer. Asking the deep nasty question and answer session. With a few other DP peeps doing the thing some what like Mega Body. Would be REAL SWEET! yum,yum!

Fantasy about King submitted by Chris from Greensboro,NC

DawgPound PornStar KingI would love to see this dude and Soulja in a scene together. You can throw in Romance and Venom to have a big ass orgy. That shit would be hot. I don't care who's fucking who, I just want to see it.

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by Tim from LA

DawgPound PornStar SouljaI agree with the other guy. Please hook up King, soulja and Raw or atleast King and soulja!!!! PLEASE DPU make this happen just liek you made slim and rogue happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantasy about Saint submitted by Alberto from Washington

DawgPound PornStar SaintI am in a crusing bar, resting aginst the counter. Saint, pretty drunk and wearing a tight semitransparent top, his nipples pumping up, is checking the guys in the counter one by one. He checks the packages and now and then a kiss, and moves to the next guy. When he gets to me he likes my dick and stays kissing and making out for a while. His mouth tastes like bourbon and coke, and the drunkness has him completely horny and inhibited. He chooses me and asks me to take him to my place. We cannot wait, and before getting in the car I fuck him quickly in the alley. I make him cum but I hold mine for later. We get in the car and he sucks my dick all the trip long. Finally at home I fuck him in all places and in all imaginable positions.

Fantasy about Mason submitted by Marcus from LA

DawgPound PornStar MasonWatch Mason play basketball, sniff his used underwear and suck his sweaty balls, want him to slap his dick on my face, rape my lips and punish my hungry hole til I beg him to stop as he bang deep into my tight sorry ass

Fantasy about Tyson Kobie submitted by Kory from Gautier

DawgPound PornStar Tyson KobieGo fuck me from head to toe

Fantasy about Zack submitted by omari from new york

My main man Zack da reason i paid to get on DaPound y'all need to bring that nigga back he a real ass fukkist not a porn star..His dick gaMe and everything his CRITERIA ..Bring that nigga back and ILL SPEND SOME MONEY WIF Y'ALL.

Fantasy about Zack submitted by omari from new york

Me and Zack been boys for a minute and i didn't know dude get down. We hang out on a regular smoking and drinking . He has his shawdty and i be doing me. One day i was surfing the web and came across DaPound and the shit freak me out. I see mad heads with tite bodies and big ass dick fucking sucking getting down and shit and i get bugged. I was like a kid in a candy store. So i told myself yo if i eve getting into this porn shit ima rock wif tha dawgs cuz they what this shit should be low no soft niggas yada. Shit happen nuthing going on in da hood so i remember da Pound and i call them up to see if they auditioning and some nigga name Trey told me to cum down to 123 st and morningside. i hop on the 1 train down there to a lil studio apt on west side swagging like im in da industry and shit. I met Trey and he introduce me to tywoodz and say your audition is with this nigga. I told Trey ima top though he said' u wanna make money or what' Yo Tye mad sexc as hell so in my mind im saying fukkit ima try this nigga out..Yo we hit it off right away and this nigga whipp out a caramel dick and i was sucking on that shit man i look up to make sure he was feeling it and he was pushing his piece in ma throat and holding my head..dawgs was feeling my head game for a first time. Trey walked in and said Tye hard to please and you making him hold onto u u got some head skills lets see ya dick and azz game. I told Trey im ready and he bringz iN this nigga Zack. Im bugged out seeing this nigga up in here im like yo u get down Z nigga starting laughing saying he on the site already . i was already naked and Z got out his clothes and told me yo all the time we was chilling he been wanted to fuckz with me. i said werd he pulled out his 10" and stared my 11' and say so whats good homie..we both wanna do tha do we getting paid to ..in no time Z was on my pipe sucking back and forth slurping that shit like was alone my pipe was rocked up in no time i pulled his head back a lil and tapped his face with it and made him sniff I pulled his ass up and spread them legs and staing sucking that nigga fat dick the way i be getting off with chicks and he was thumping my throat in no time i took that shit up to his ballz and let go and do it again till dat pre was coming out.. Z was moaning lie he was about to i pulled back da nigga sprayed me with sum hot ass juice . i daid turn over nigga i want some of your azz . Trey and Ty was standing there couldnt belive what was going on in audition... PT2 to follow

Fantasy about Brick submitted by Dave from Atlanta

DawgPound PornStar BrickI read the winner of best suggestion for DawgpoundUSA's Blatino Oasis 2010 pize and I must say his entry defintely deserved the First Prize. Must also say that his winning suggestions re Brick, Tyson Kobie and Cornbread appearing in a hot scene together are so excellent, that if that does happen on DawgpoundUSA you will have a sensational video and the happiest members of any site on the web. LOL. Dave

Fantasy about Mason submitted by JAMES from NYC


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