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Fantasy about Soulja


Fantasy about M Don with Saint and Venom

DawgPound PornStar M Don   DawgPound PornStar Venom   DawgPound PornStar VenomM Don needs to come back soon and flip with Saint and Venom, or bottom for Cornbread.

Fantasy about Izzy with Saint

DawgPound PornStar Izzy   DawgPound PornStar Izzy is mad cool! Please don't make him vers! He's perfect just the way he is. Bring him back soon to smash Saint, Phoenix, Kannon and, or course, Sarge!

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by Ben from Greenwich


Fantasy about Python submitted by DeAndre from Decatur

DawgPound PornStar Pythonpython comes up to me at the beach and asks me what time is it? and i go to my car and he follows me there and look to see the time then he stops me and says i know what time it is. Mr.Dick is here! then we go down to his place and he pulls out his dick and i stsrt to suck on it then i start to strip for him and i suck on his dick again then i bend over then he fucks me and i cry out his name then he cums all over me!

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by Lenny

DawgPound PornStar SouljaYes Soulja bottoming is much needed. Both Sexy One aka Paris and Slim Thug have recently bottomed on other sites, when they should have done it first on DP. So have Soulja bottom now and give us the true best video of the year.

Fantasy about Soulja


Fantasy about Sarge submitted by Sargetopfan from MILWAUKEE

DawgPound PornStar SargeIn my Fantasy, I would portray a Door to Door Sex Toy Salesmen... I would have a wide display of Lubes, Cuffs, Dildos, etc... I'm invited in, by Sarge. He ask for a display. I pitch him on the different oils and lubes.. focusing on his favorite in scent and texture. After he would ask for my display on dildos. making mention to his own piece.. I enlighten him on a kit that makes a replica of his own piece that could be made at home. Well, to my surprise, I have nothing in my little bag that favors his, so we decide to make one. As he pulls it out, he then decides to undress. He invites me to do the same, stating he would feel bad if I ruined my suit. We began to mold the clay when he begans to smell my scent.. the closer we become the more intense for the moments.. we lock eyes... During process of making the signature dildo, we taunt and tease one another. Both very amused.. He makes mention to wanting to know what I taste like and begins to nibble on my neck. Me with his piece in hand decide to lean down and endure the head of his piece.. He becomes even more excited.... THINGS HEAT UP!! I am taken and the sex is endless......

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by Dave from Mile End


Fantasy about SlimThug submitted by George from Atlanta

Slim Thug bottoms on another site, surely now is the time for DP to show King and Soulja also taking Dick as it what folk wanna see.

Fantasy about Artist with Python

DawgPound PornStar Artist   DawgPound PornStar artist and python

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by Dave from London

DawgPound PornStar SouljaSoulja should've bottomed in Muscle Beach which would have made it DP's hottest video of the year. But still thanks DP for what is still a good hot video, but am most eagerly waiting for Soulja to take dick on DP.

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by George from Leeds


Fantasy about Sarge submitted by DeAndre from Decatur

DawgPound PornStar Sargesarge rings my doorbell and says his car needs a jumpstart. as i bend over he feels on my ass kissin on it then he pulls me back inside my house locking the front door. he make out with me . then i feel all over his body and taking his pants off, sucking on his dick, he fucks me in all different positions and cum in my mouth.

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by Stefan from NYC

DawgPound PornStar SargeAfter the storm knocked the power out at the Oasis Awards, it just so happened that the only two people left around after all of the commotion, was Sarge and I. For some reason I could not take my eyes off of this dude and he couldn't take his eyes off of me either. He signaled for me to come over to him on the same bed that he took Hot Rod's and Phat Daddy's big dicks on. My dick instantly became brick just from the thoughts of watching him take all of that dick earlier. As soon as I came over to him, I got ready to speak , but was interrupted when he put his hand over my mouth. With just his fingers, he traced my lips, then made his way to my goatee tugging on it playfully, and topped that off by sliding a few of them in and out of my mouth.I began sucking on his fingers like they were his dick and kept my eyes on him the whole time. With his free hand, he started playing with his chocolate nipples, pinching and making them erect. Both of our dicks were hard as fuck now. I could even see the pre-cum on the tip of his dick. That shit made me really slob his fingers down even more. He took his fingers out of my mouth laid on his back and gapped his legs open. At this point, I completely undressed (dick standing straight up). He then started inching his fingers one by one, in and out of his phat ass. I climbed up on the bed right between his legs and start deep throating that dick while he finger fucked his hole. Shortly after, he grabbed me up by my waist and had me straddle his face. By now, we were 69ing each others dicks. I started fucking his mouth while he fucked mine. All of you could hear in the dark was niggas going at it wetting each others dicks up. But I couldn't forget about that ass though. In between sucking his dick, I went to sucking and tongue fucking his hole. And that shit really got Sarge open, so much to the point that he repositioned himself face down, ass up, ready for me to beat it up. He jacked his dick and the only thing he said to me, "Nigga split this ass open." I greased my shit up and shoved my dick all the way in, pulled that shit all the way out, and kept doing that shit. Sarge approved .... throwing that ass back and forth. He made his way up to his hands and knees, arched his backed and looked me straight in the eye to watch me pound that ass harder and harder. His hole clinched my dick tighter the more I shoved my shaft in. This dude could really take big dick!!! I kept getting closer and closer to wanting to bust, but had to have him ride me before I did. Keeping my dick in his ass, I grabbed him up while I made my way onto my back. Sarge threw that thick ass booty up and down on my dick and grinded on that shit so crazy. He started jacking his dick while I fucked him. I knew we were both close .... sweat dripping, his ass swallowing my dick, and my dick pounding his hole. And before I could even say anything, he leaned over and said, "Nigga give me that nut." I slid my dick out of his phat ass, took off my jimmy and shot my nut all over his bulky ass pecs. Sarge clinched his ass, lifted his hips, and shot his nut on his stomach and some of that shit shot on his face too! Immediately the power came back on .... I finally got the opportunity to say to Sarge, "I'm your #1 fan."

Fantasy about Lance submitted by Curiousxyz from Brooklyn

Are u guys gonna ever bring him back??? He looked so good playing with his hole - talking about how juicy it is. Want to see close-ups of that obi pussy. The scene of him getting dicked by Slim Thug on the fridge with the freezer door open is one of my all time favs!!! PLEASE bring him back!!

Fantasy about Python submitted by George from Atlanta

DawgPound PornStar PythonPYTHON-SOULJA FLIP FLOP SCENE PLEASE ! Be Damnnnnn.... Hot as Hell

Fantasy about Berlin aka Nubius with Ian Rock and Python

DawgPound PornStar Berlin aka Nubius   DawgPound PornStar Python   DawgPound PornStar PythonI wanna see Berlin get topped by Ian Rock, Daddy Deezel and Python. But, my ULTIMATE fantasy for Berlin is to see him get double-teamed by Phat Daddy and King Dingo!!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy with Venom and Cornbread

DawgPound PornStar Phat Daddy   DawgPound PornStar Cornbread   DawgPound PornStar CornbreadWould love to see Phat Daddy smash Venom, Phoenix, BigBeef, Rico, Romance, Berlin and Cornbread! Yes, Cornbread!

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by ROB

DawgPound PornStar SargeThe Live Sex Show at Baltino Oasis 2011, Sarge is the "Best Top Bottom Bitch, LOL! He right is best at everything!!!

Fantasy about Adam submitted by comero from Nairobi

Love nice cute guys

Fantasy about Soulja from London

DawgPound PornStar SouljaSoulja bottoming would beyond any shadow of a doubt be the best hottest scene. Hope that DP can soon show Soulja's bottoming or flip-flop premier.

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by jim from hotlanta

DawgPound PornStar Sarge "THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERHERO, RIM RAIDER" SARGE sleeps and dreams of his SUPER HERO-RIM RAIDER, the upholder of all justice for holes that are not eaten as should be. SARGE thinks he is awake, but continues to dream, RR appears at bedside, and as he drops his clothes, SARGE is already jackin' and suckin' on RR. UP and down the horsecock in front of him. SARGE thinks maybe he has asked for more than he can handle. RR shoves SARGE on his back, climbs between his legs, spreads them wide and begins to feast on SARGE'S hole like never b4. SARGE writhes, and squirms, trying to push back and get RR'S tongue further up in him. AS SARGE continues to thrash about, RR has now managed to loosen the asshole so he can force about 2"s into it. SARGE is now out of his mind, or so he thinks. He climbs up on RR'S face and arranges his hot little hole right over RR'S mouth, to give RR greater access to it. SARGE has loosened his hole and RR shoves his tongue up SARGE'S hole so we actually see it sinkin' into SARGE. Close up, we know SARGE is on a new high. SARGE, thinkin' that was all, asks RR to leave him a souvenir. So RR fucks SARGE so close to the edge of insanity, that SARGE can taste it. Apparently, RR is not only RR, but CAPT. BUTTFUCK, too. HE leaves. SARGE awakens, tries to decide why his asshole is so sore. He looks at us and says, "was it a dream?"

Fantasy about Scott Alexander with Cornbread submitted by jim from hotlanta

DawgPound PornStar Scott Alexander   DawgPound PornStar "MAKE DELIVERIES IN THE REAR" CORNBREAD makes a package delivery at SCOTT'S door. Typical "hot as hell" day in the ATL. SA invites CB in for a cool drink of water. As they small talk, SA begins to notice the bulge growing in CB'S pants. SA comments, "looks like the temperature outside isn't the only thing that's hot." CB smiles and starts pulling his cock out. SA falls to his knees and starts whackin' on CB'S rod. As it grows, SA greedily sucks and slobbers. CB has had a "dry spell", and a taste of SA'S ass is what he needs. CB picks SA up, throws him over his shoulder, and makes his way to the bed. CB lays SA down, rims more on his hot hole, and begins an assult on SA'S ass. CB finishes and rolls over as if he is through. SA says," forget that, muthafuker." "I'm gettin some of your big phat ass." With that being said, SA lifts CB'S legs and licks CB'S hole. I am able to see CB'S hole closeup, something I had not invisioned, before. Beautiful hole cravin' dick. Sex explodes as do both studs. SA signs for the package, and CB leaves. It fades as SA says, "believe I need to place more orders for delivery. What can brown do for me???????"

Fantasy about Ian Rock with Sarge

DawgPound PornStar Ian Rock   DawgPound PornStar Ian Rock should come out of retirement, and the following men should be on his Hit List: Sarge, Venom, Phoenix, Shorty J, Berlin, Romance and BigBeef!!! Taking on this monster should leave no doubt what these men are truly made of!

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by jim from Hotlanta

DawgPound PornStar SargeDP you have a rising star, do you have the balls to push him to the edge? Fans want it, so feel free to take this one as a gift! "1ST & 10---RAM IT IN" SARGE arrives at the jr. college as the new football coach. He becomes quite fond of his co-captains, KRIS & MARKELL. After THE BIG GAME, and believing everyone has gone home, SARGE sits behind his desk savoring the win. His mind wonders to the 2 players. SARGE walks to the shower room, soaps up and jacks thinking of the 2. He moans and mouths the names of M & K. They had not left and MARKELL hears the coach. He motions to KRIS to follow and both walk into the shower room, watch SARGE, drop their towels and start to stroke their hard cocks. Coach looks up, sees them and attempts to hide what he is doing. Coach falls to his knees and motions for the pair to move to him. SARGE works on each feverishly suckin and droolin. SARGE stands up, goes into the locker room, stradles a bench and lays face down hungeralily awaits the young dicks to enter him. The guys take turns thoroughly rimming SARGE'S hot hole, gaining deeper entrance into it with each tongue jab. As this opens SARGE more than ever before, I see a glimpse of tongues actually up inside SARGE. MARKELL mounts SARGE, gyrating, bucking, and hunching further and further into coach. Coach howls and talks shit. KRIS yells,"let me have some of that. He fucks coach so hard, coach climbs up the bench. KRIS reverses his position and enters SARGE with a reverse fuck. M shoves K aside and enters S with one long stroke. He holds position and begins to slowly jab fuck S. K shoves M aside, flips S over onto his back bends him back and fucks S up on his shoulders. S gets up and tells the guys to follow him to the shower room. Coach places his hands up on the wall, spreads his feet apart, arches his back and shoves his ass back, and spreads his cheeks apart revealing that sweet hole that all of us rimmers want. M steps up, wraps his arms around coach, and begins fuckin away. K once again shoves M aside and pistons coach so hard that S ends up flat against the wall. K hunches. S moves dog style to the floor. M enters him and spears his hole repeatedly. I see SARGE beginning to drip and string precum juice. S nuts, M pulls out and shoots all the way up S'S back. K stands in front and as S looks up, K nuts on his face. The fantasy closes as coach comments," i felt all along you were thoroughbreds, now my asshole has confirmed it. S walks out of the shower room, bow-legged! DP walk on the wild side. SARGE is hot now, please show respect. No top has yet to break him and neither did these 2. However, they really challenged him. This separates the real men bottoms from the pretenders. SARGE do you have a limit????

Fantasy about Jay Vegas with Hot Rod and Sarge submitted by jim from Hotlanta

DawgPound PornStar Jay Vegas   DawgPound PornStar Sarge   DawgPound PornStar Sarge "BALL 4---DOES HE WALK?" JV surfs the internet and hooks up with HOT ROD, who arrives with SARGE in tow. SARGE, always being the little hot tail, begins to suck on both. Sex goes off the charts, with the tops savagely working SARGE'S ass. Not satisfied, the tops decide to push SARGE to the limit, teaching him a new trick. SARGE sguats down and up on his toes. Each top inserts 2 small balls into SARGE'S asshole. AS SARGE jacks he moves and the balls move inside him. As he gets closer to bustin a nut, he release the balls, one at a time until the last exits his asshole as he blowa a huge nut. New territory, new thrill. Ball 4. SARGE can walk, but slowly.

Fantasy about Thick with Cornbread submitted by jim from atlanta

   DawgPound PornStar "CORNBREAD, THE CABLE GUY" THICK'S cable is out, he calls repair and waits on the cable guy. CB shows up. THICK hasn't had sex in a while and seeing CB with his shirt open gets to his loins. He moves toward CB rubbing his cock as he walks. CB sees and wants. THICK lays CB across the arm of the sofa, pulling him violently to the edge and enters him with one stroke. Wedging one barefoot on the sofa, THICK gyrates, and hunches CB until CB nuts and THICK nuts all over CB'S stomach. CB leaves and THICK gets a devious idea. He pulls the cable out of the wall and calls cable service to have the cable guy come back. Bet he gets some real service the second time around.

Fantasy about Cornbread with Venom and Scott Alexander submitted by jim from atlanta

DawgPound PornStar Cornbread   DawgPound PornStar Scott Alexander   DawgPound PornStar Scott Alexander "MONDAY NIGHT FUCKBALL" CORNBREAD invites buddies, VENOM & SCOTT ALEXANDER, over for Monday Night Football. As they drink and start to get roudy, VENOM pulls his dick out and starts a circle-jerk. CB moves to SA and begins oral sex. VENOM joins in. CB has wanted to fuck VENOM for a long time, and now he seizes his chance, motioning for VENOM to lie back on the bed, CB lifts VENOM'S legs and buries his tongue into VENOM. As CB becomes increasingly hot he buries his huge cock into V up to the balls. SA off to the side stroking himself, decides to make it a 3 sum. SA moves onto the bed, wedges himself between the 2 and sits on VENOM'S dick all the way to the balls. SA leans forward kissing V and begins serious tongue play. SA begins to piston back and forth on V'S horsedick. CB pounds harder into V. V and SA swap places with SA fuckin V dog style, as CB plugs into SA. This fuck train is in complete motion. V nuts first, SA next and CB last, each busting a nut as he pulls out of the one in front, the next always continuing to fuck until time to bust. Cases of Anal Ease, please. Pass the role of paper towels. This is rated a 5 by real freaks!

Fantasy about Hot Rod with Sarge submitted by jim from atlanta

DawgPound PornStar Hot Rod   DawgPound PornStar The live sex show at OASIS 2011 was smokin'. I know DP recorded it. Please release as a bonus update. Never believed HOT ROD would mix with SARGE, but then HR does have a big ole peter! Was extremely hot sex. I didn't sleep for 2 days after. I was too busy strokin' my meat.

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by jim from atlanta

DawgPound PornStar Sarge "SARGE--MY OWN HOT FANTASY" DP, don't ask us what fantasies we might have for Sarge. GO directly to Sarge, find out what hot fantasy he has, and make it happen----Big Time. Hopefully, there's a gang bang somewhere. Stay on the cuttin' edge.

Fantasy about Ramon Steele with Sarge submitted by jim from atlanta, ga

   DawgPound PornStar "MAN OF STEELE" Beer delivery trucker, Ramon Steele, complains about what a boring day he had had, that is------until his final stop----Sarge. Sarge has ordered a keg for a welcome home party he is giving for his best bud home from the Gulf War. Steele sets up the keg and taps it and gives Sarge a swallow for his approval. Sarge in turn offers Steele a drink. Since this is Steele,s last delivery, he helps himself. As Steele begins to drink the beer, letting some spill from his mouth, Sarge opens the drivers shirt and begins to suck and lick the beer off Steele's chest. From Steele,s hairy nipples to his rock hard dick, Sarge services. Then all hell breaks loose, sexually. Fantasy fades as Sarge tells Steele, "that keg ain't the only thing you tapped." Scene fades as Sarge rubs his very sore hole and breaks out into that sterling Sarge smile. Step it up----DP. Remain on the cuttin' edge.

Fantasy about Sarge with Phat Daddy

DawgPound PornStar Sarge   DawgPound PornStar Any chance of Sarge hooking up with Phat Daddy?

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by Rob

DawgPound PornStar SargeSarge and Castro aka Supreme just being freaky

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by Rob

DawgPound PornStar SargeI do have a fantasy about Sarge. Sarge is appearing as hip-hop artist believing is for a big venue; He does not know it is for a private showing for his biggest fan. Sarge does his best moves for his greatest fan not just by dancing and rapping, also his skills with his dick and ass and all sort of positions. The freak in Sarge and his utmost fan comes out in ways that they both did not know they had and yes it is makes his performance at Blatino Oasis second to none. But on the real tip, my most extreme fantasy is whatever Sarges fantasy is what I want; I just wonder what is his? I would like to know! I have still have a few more scenarios maybe we can talk about for upcoming scenes just see how freaky Sarge really is lol!!!. The year 2011 is the year of the Sarge and Dawgpound Congrats to both!!

Fantasy about Sarge with Jay Vegas and Jovonnie submitted by jim from atlanta, ga

DawgPound PornStar Sarge   DawgPound PornStar Jovonnie   DawgPound PornStar Jovonnie "NIGHTMARE ON SARGE'S STREET" Opens with Sarge face down, naked, asleep on bed. Suddenly awakened by intruders---JAY VEGAS;CJ and JOVANNIE, Sarge resists vehemently, but the shere numbers overtake him. Sarge, faced with threats, performs head. Not satisfied, each takes turns abusing Sarge's hole, in every position, plowing all the way in. They then rob Sarge and flee. A battered Sarge calls police. Cops, THICK & MR. MARKIE arrive to complete police reports Sarge comments he wishes there was something he could do to say thanks. Both cops say "there is", and move toward our victim, Sarge, stroking hard cocks. Sarge gladly gives head. Moving to Sarge's ass, the hole abuse continues, possibly a double penetration. The irony becomes that the NIGHTMARE wasn't really the invasion, but what a rundown the cops gave Sarge. Earns Dawgpound "Studio of the Year" award, video of the year, and catapults Sarge to new heights. Bonanza for fans! I'd even pay an add'l fee to see the movie! Only fantasy I could see as better, would to be present at the taping!!!!!!!!

Fantasy about Sarge with Mr Markie submitted by jim from atlanta, ga

DawgPound PornStar Sarge   DawgPound PornStar "HOLE-LOTTA SARGE" Sarge has a thorough rimming by, take your pick, Mr.Markie;Hot Rod or Kris.Sarge's "money maker" is eaten as if the end. He is topped and plowed. Focus continues on the destruction of Sarge's hole. At the end of the fantasy, words appear as a disclaimer from Sarge's asshole----"No Humans Were Really Harmed Here" Fantasy fades with Sarge sitting on the bedside with one foot on the bed and one on the floor,rubbing his sore hole, with a pained look on his face. But in true Sarge style it ends with that pained look turning to a smile and a dreamy look.

Fantasy about Ian Rock with Sarge submitted by jim from atlanta, ga

DawgPound PornStar Ian Rock   DawgPound PornStar "COP ROCK" Motorcycle cop, Ian Rock stops Sarge for riding his cycle without a helmet. Rock scolds Sarge as if he were a child. Sarge gets defensive, and Rock arrests him and cuffs. Rock forces Sarge over into a wooded area and down onto his knees for cop head. Tired of this, the cop decides to explore Sarge's ass, first with the tip of his billy club, and as Sarge moans and begins to ask for dick, Rock gives him a fuck "for the ages" Whole thing ends as the ticket is torn up, Sarge is warned about further consequences, and ends with Sarge, smile on his face speeding off, only to be stopped again?

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by Rob

DawgPound PornStar SargeSarge, Sarge, Sarge! He is getting better looking and getting more muscle definition, taking and giving dick great. I like the behind the scenes a lot. Sarges laid back style is first-class and makes a pleasant person to work with. Next big dick guy, Sarge should be with is Jovonnie. I would like a flip-flop scene, but Sarge just bottoming would be nice too!!

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by BOSS from North Charleston, SC

DawgPound PornStar SargeMy fantasy involves that extra sexy nigga Sarge!! We are roomates and are both up eating breakfast in the kitchen. Im eating cereal and sarge is eating a bananna. He starts jokin and then says "U kno that gurl last night was wild yo, she tried to suck the skin off a nigga dick!" I say, word? And he says, "nigga um tellin that gurl was wild!" And then he takes his bananna and says "this is how she did my shit..." and he takes the bananna and sucks it from top to bottom twice all while keepin his eyes on me. I say damn,she did it like that? All while grabbin my crotch and staring at that nigga hard as a bitch. He start's laughin at says "U stupid lol". I then laugh too and say Nigga U dont feel weird man handling that big azz bananna? He starts laughin again and says "nigga U stupid". I say, but nah nigga U kilt that shit tho mi dude...that's whats up! He starts laughin again and says "fuck you nigga lol". He then leaves the kitchen and goes to the livin room and starts watchin a movie from the couch. I follow him and sit next to him and stare at him. He starts laughin again and says "nigga why U wanna be a bitch today yo?" I laugh and say ain't tryin to be no bitch fareal fareal but I am tryin to be that bananna tho. He starts laughin and says "nigga why U actin so gay today man??". I lean over and get real close to that nigga's face and say Nigga I been having freaky azz fantasies bout U since 11th grade when U mooned the class in homeroom. Remember that stupid shit? Sarge says "Nigga U are wildin today fareal yo lol" I say nigga can U blame a nigga?? U the one walkin round wit 24's hangin off ya back. He starts laughin again and says "Nigga my azz aint even that big yo". I yell out a quick SHIITTT!! I tell that nigga to stand up and have him turn around. I then say, see if ur ass wasn't that fat ur shit wouldn't be standin up like that in the back. I then say NO HOMO and pull the back of his shirt up and expose his saggin pants that are hanging directly under his azz cheeks. I then slap his ass and say told ya. And he starts laughin. He then says "Nigga wat U tryin to do fareal fareal yo??" I then say Um on some make a fantasy come true type shit. I get that nigga to lean over on the wall with all his clothes still on. I then ask that nigga if he got condom. He laughs and says "Hell no!" I look directly at his face and say i'm fareal mi dude let me get a condom. After some hesitation he reaches in his pocket and pulls out a gold condom. The cameras flash and the next scene has us fuckin on the wall. Sarge still has his clothes on but his pants and drawz are pulled down to his lower thigh and he is gettin smashed from the back. We stay in that position until I say I gotta finish this fantasy the same way it was in my dreams. He says "And how was that?" The scene flashes again and Sarge is still in his clothes but now on his knees and the cameras get close to his face as I give that nigga the biggest facial ever. After Im done Sarge looks directly at the camera and says "Nigga U been waitin all them years to do ya boi dirty like this? U wild mi nigga lol. U wild!" And that is my Sarge fantasy contest entry

Fantasy about Sarge with Ian Rock submitted by borders from washington, dc

DawgPound PornStar Sarge   DawgPound PornStar see sarge get fuck by ian rock and also se ian rock fuck shorty j...two hot bottoms andhot scene...need too see more of ian rock just fucking: vernom, king, saint,and more. Make is happen at least more of Ian Rock

Fantasy about Mystic

so fucking hot

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by Dre from Orlando

DawgPound PornStar SargeId first Take Sarge, and gently undress him , then take some scented oil and Rub him down. Then start from the back of his neck and lick and suck and work my way down to his niplles and gently suck on them then I would lay him on his stomach. Massage the oil into his back very softly but making sure im hitting the tension points in hi sback to loosen him up and then id keep massaging all the way down to his magnificent ass. massge each cheek thouroghly and part the sea to begin my unrelenting tongue assault on his hole.I would also suck his dick from the back and I would make sure he cums at least twice before the real games begin.I would then let him sit on my face as his back and his Butt are his most erogenous zones. I'd also let him run the show after since he has a great deal more experience than i have.Im not restricted by role as I am Versatile. whatever he wanted to do . short of peeing on me ( no R.Kelly stuff) and make sure that it is a night he will remember for the rest of his life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by Dave from London


Fantasy about Python submitted by alex from chicago

DawgPound PornStar Pythonmy fantasy is to get fucked and dogged by python. I want him to treat me like his little bitch. I want to fuck him in front of a crowd and anywhere else

Fantasy about Sarge with Python submitted by Rob

DawgPound PornStar Sarge   DawgPound PornStar Go ahead Sarge, Python met his match!!!! He stated you was too strong for him. I know if you was mad enough and Dawgpound let you, Python would of been screaming becuase you tap his ass hard like you told him to do you. Good job! Sarge, you can be a masculine bottom or top!!

Fantasy about Venom with Curt Dawg aka Mr. X

DawgPound PornStar Venom   DawgPound PornStar Venom should flip-flop with Phoenix, or bottom out for Curt Dawg, Black, Ramon Steele and Python!!!

Fantasy about Python with Saint

DawgPound PornStar Python   DawgPound PornStar Mr. Dick's next clients should be Phoenix, Saint, Venom and especially BigBeef!!! Can Mr. Dick handle Mr. Ass? I'd LOVE to find out!!!

Fantasy about Python with Lil Guy submitted by Bobby from richmond

DawgPound PornStar Python   DawgPound PornStar Python was lucky enough to hit that smooth ass of Rico on papithugz. Fucked Sarge to the limit. Now if he taps that phat ass on Lil Guy aka Shorty J., he will pulled off the trifecta of porn. By the way, Cornbread is luckiest fucker, he already pulled it off.

Fantasy about Sarge with Python submitted by Rob

DawgPound PornStar Sarge   DawgPound PornStar I wished you let Sarge get mad with Python aka Mr. Dick, like Python said Sarge is a big guy do not get him mad. Sarge flipping Python over so he can hit his ass hard also would been grat to see.

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